About Us

The Houses are one of the signatures of a University of Chicago undergraduate education. The Houses provide high-quality living environments for our students to pursue rigorous academic work while simultaneously stimulating their intellectual, social, and emotional growth. Each community engenders a strong sense of belonging through a variety of programs and activities in the residence halls, neighborhood, and greater Chicago area. The Houses mirror the excellence and distinction of the University’s renowned academic programs and faculty.

UChicago’s 7 residence halls comprise 38 Houses—communities that eat, debate, and play together. Each House consists of a group of students who share a cluster of individual rooms and common areas within the residence halls and have their own traditions, House Council, and resident staff. All residents in on-campus housing participate in the residential dining program and eat at their House Tables in one of the two residential dining commons. The House Tables provide a space for House community members to share meals, engage in academic debate, and socialize with friends.

Our housing system brings undergraduates together with resident staff (faculty and advanced graduate students), for whom study and intellectual exchange are a way of life. All Houses have a Resident Head (RH) or an RH couple. Each House also has at least one upperclass College or graduate student Assistant Resident Head (RA). Additionally, Houses are traditionally comprised of students from all years in the College, so mentoring begins on day one! The average House size is 70 residents, with the smallest House having 36 residents, and the largest having 104 residents.