Special Housing Requests

College Housing makes incoming student room assignments primarily based on the date of payment of the enrollment deposit.

Students seeking a guaranteed type of housing assignment based upon a medical condition and students with disabilities as defined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, may request accessible housing by seeking approval from the Student Disability Services Office. This process requires documentation and may take up to ten weeks to complete. Students with disabilities are strongly encouraged to visit campus the spring prior to their arrival to begin an early dialogue about what accommodations may be required and the timeline for submitting documentation. Visit the Student Disability Services Website or call 773-702-7776 to learn more. Those students with disabilities or other medical/psychological conditions that require accommodation as substantiated by Student Disability Services will be assigned to reasonable accommodations as determined through consultation with the Student Disability Services Office.

Air Conditioning

Max Palevsky, Granville-Grossman and Stony Island have air conditioning in addition to heat. The buildings can only operate one system or the other, they can not be run concurrently. It will not be a regular practice to transition back and forth in the event of a brief warm period late in fall or early in spring. In general, residents of these buildings should not expect air-conditioning beyond October 1 or before May 15. As a result, requests for housing in a building with air conditioning are not considered as the air conditioning in these buildings is not turned on for most of the academic year. If a College student applying for or living in the College Houses believes they need air conditioning for a medical condition, they should request housing in a building other than Burton-Judson, International House, Max Palevsky Residential Commons, Granville-Grossman Residential Commons or Stony Island so that they may request permission through Student Disability Services to install a window air conditioner.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners may be installed for medical reasons only, but are not permitted at all in Burton-Judson, International House, Max Palevsky Residential Commons, Granville-Grossman Residential Commons, or Stony Island. Permission to install an air conditioner has to be obtained in advance from College Housing, in coordination with the Student Disability Services Office. If you receive approval to have an air conditioner, you will be provided with information on the maximum size of the air conditioner unit that you may have, along with direction about how to have the unit installed. The maintenance staff of the residence halls will install the air conditioner that you provide. There is a minimum, annual fee of $35.00 for installation and utility costs of students’ air conditioners.