Resident Heads

Few University faculty or staff position have closer involvement in the lives of College students than the Resident Head in the  Houses.  By living in close proximity to students, Resident Heads share in many aspects of students' lives, from the excitement of intellectual discovery and the enthusiasm of new friendships to the loneliness of being away from home and the adjustments that come with learning one's limits.

RHs work mentors, counselors, administrators, disciplinarians, activities and governance advisors, and general resource persons. Resdient Heads eat meals with students in the dining halls; spend time with students in the House lounges at night and on weekends; and interact with students in formal and informal settings. As a result they often become close confidents for students and a special part of a residents time in the House and University. In most Houses, students elect a council of officers who, together with the Resident Heads, plan and carry out activities which will appeal to a broad range of residents.  These activities include programs that are socially, intellectually, and culturally stimulating and exciting.