Andrew Siegel and Patty Jones

Resident Deans — Burton-Judson Courts

Patty and Andrew have been Resident Deans since Autumn 2009. For four years they were the Resident Deans of Pierce Tower. Now that Pierce has been decommissioned as a residence hall, they have transferred to the Burton-Judson community beginning in Autumn of 2013. Andrew received his BA in Philosophy from the University of Chicago and his PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Andrew has joint appointments in the Theory and Computing Sciences and Nuclear Engineering Divisions at Argonne National Laboratory, where he serves as Group Leader for Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation and as Director for Center of Exascale Simulation of Advanced Reactors (CESAR). He is also a Senior Fellow at the Computation Institute at the University of Chicago and Associate Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, where each year he teaches a popular series of courses on scientific computing, high performance computing, and Numerical Analysis. Patty was born and raised in Panama, where she grew up bilingual and bicultural, playing along the banks of the Panama Canal, in the former Canal Zone. Patty received a BS from the University of Miami in Advertising and Creative Writing, a BA in English from Northwestern University, and is currently pursuing an MA in Comparative Literature at Northwestern. She is an active member of the Junior League of Chicago where she serves on the Mad Hatters Children’s Theatre Committee. She troupes with the Mad Hatters throughout Chicago and the suburbs, promoting reading and children’s literacy through improv performances. She also serves on the Junior League’s “Kids in the Kitchen” committee which battles childhood obesity by introducing children to cooking and healthy food choices. Andrew and Patty also enjoy being parents to two young daughters and a young son.

What Andrew and Patty find most rewarding about the Resident Deans position is the chance to contribute to the students’ educations beyond the classroom, serving as a bridge between the faculty and students in an informal setting; spontaneity, uniqueness of lifestyle, and a constant feeling of social vibrancy and community. They describe it as natural and effortless. The kinds of programs and activities that they have offered include faculty dinners with fireside chats, Lecture series — invited talks from faculty, notable community members, etc.; Fondue night themed retro study breaks (e.g. disco, 80s); wellness series (yoga, meditation, gong bath); cultural group trips off campus (opera, theater, etc.); Casino night; community outreach (e.g. hosting trick-or-treaters from local woman’s shelter; group trips to professional sporting events).

Outside of the University, Andrew enjoys traveling, teaching, randomly exploring Chicago neighborhoods, pickup basketball, baseball (Red Sox), piano, pizza with anchovies, and making Sunday morning pancakes for his children. Patty has been practicing Iyengar yoga for 15 years, and enjoys taking dance classes. She also enjoys running in half marathons.