Jason and Suzanne Riggle

Resident Deans — Max Palevsky Residential Commons

Jason and Suzanne Riggle began serving as Resident Deans of Max Palevsky Residential Commons in the fall quarter of 2014. Jason received his BA in Linguistics and Psychology, as well as an MA in Linguistics, from UC Santa Cruz and earned his PhD in Linguistics from UCLA. He is an associate professor in Linguistics and the director of the Chicago Language Modeling Laboratory at the University of Chicago. Before serving as a Resident Master, Jason was faculty fellow for Shorey House.


Suzanne studied at Kenyon College for three years before receiving her BA in History from the University of Evansville and an MA in Linguistics from the University of Iowa. She also has done further graduate work at UC Santa Cruz. Suzanne is currently the Administrative Director and Chief of Operations at the Becker Friedman Institute.


In addition to participating in many campus traditions, the Riggle family plans to organize activities like bike rides and cultural events with Max Palevsky residents. They hope to combine the resources of the city with the intellectual resources of the campus in order to add to the atmosphere of learning and exploring in the resident halls. The Riggle’s young children – Matt, 8, and George, 6 – love spending time with College students and are excited to live in Max Palevsky.