Leave of Absence

Students who Take a Leave of Absence or Withdraw

Students who plan to take a Leave of Absence should pick up a Departure Packet at the Housing & Residence Life office after notifying the College of their plans in writing. The Departure Packet includes a Notice of Departure form which needs to be turned in to Housing & Residence Life prior to moving out, instructions on how to move out properly, and an application for returning to housing in the future (if applicable). Students are expected to move out and check out of their residence hall room within five (5) business days of the start of their Leave of Absence or withdrawal. The Departure Packet includes information about how to move out properly and explains what a student needs to do to check out appropriately to avoid improper checkout fees.

A student will continue to be charged for their housing and dining contracts until they have checked out properly. Once the Housing & Residence Life receives confirmation that the student has checked out (returned keys/decoded card), and receives confirmation from the College that the student has been placed on a leave, the housing and dining contracts will be cancelled. Charges/credits will be pro-rated and applied to the student’s bursar account.

University policy is that students on a Leave of Absence have certain UChicago Card privileges suspended, included the loss of any Maroon Dollars (meal plan or purchased).

Students Resuming from a Leave of Absence

When the time comes for a student to return to the College, if they would like to return to live in Housing, they need to submit the following three items

  1. Housing Contract/Application card 
  2. Housing Preference Sheet

When a student decides to resume their studies, they must initiate resumption paperwork with the College prior to submitting their Housing Contract/Application card and Housing Preference sheet. Housing & Residence Life is unable to make a housing assignment until we receive confirmation from the College that a student has been approved to resume their studies. If Housing & Residence Life receives a student’s paperwork before their approval is granted, the paperwork will be held until confirmation from the College occurs.

Students who are resuming their studies in Autumn quarter: These students cannot independently reserve a room for the Autumn quarter during the Spring Lotteries as the Spring Lotteries are exclusively for the participation of currently enrolled College students, and students’ requests to resume studies for Autumn quarter are typically not approved by the College until August. Students who hope to resume their studies in Autumn can, however, be pulled into multiple occupancy rooms.

If a student is pulled into a multiple occupancy room/suite during the Spring Lotteries, that room assignment will be a tentative assignment until Housing & Residence Life receives confirmation from the College that the student has been approved to resume their studies.

Students who are not pulled in to a room during the Spring Lotteries will be assigned to a room in Housing & Residence Life in early to mid September: All housing assignment confirmations for resuming students will be emailed out to their UChicago email address.

Students who are resuming their studies in Winter or Spring quarters: These students are permitted to participate independently in their former House’s end-of-quarter room lotteries. To do so, students must have a housing application on file with College Housing, and must contact Housing & Residence Life by the end of 8th week the quarter before they hope to resume their studies.

Example: If you plan to return for Winter Quarter... 

  1. Contact the College at least 6 weeks prior to the start of Winter Quarter to begin the resumption process. 
  2. Submit housing application paperwork to Housing & Residence Life. 
  3. Email the Housing & Residence Life at collegehousing@uchicago.edu before the Friday of 8th week of Autumn Quarter to indicate interest in returning to your former House.

Rules of Seniority

Please note how the rules of seniority are affected by a Leave of Absence and dictate a student’s participation in their former House’s lotteries, if applicable, upon their return:

Each quarter that a student is on a Leave of Absence counts as a quarter against the seniority they had in their House (the House they lived in immediately prior to their departure); effectively a “negative” quarter. Thus, someone with six (6) quarters in a House, after taking a Leave of Absence for two (2) quarters, would resume their housing with four (4) quarters of seniority in their former House. A student will not have any seniority in their former House if they live in a different House upon their return to housing. Students on a Leave of Absence do maintain their number of quarters in the College, minus the quarter(s) away.