Studying Abroad Autumn Quarter

Our office will reach out to students studying abroad around mid-Autumn Quarter to share more details about returning to on-campus housing for Winter Quarter. The first step to returning to on-campus housing from your study abroad experience is to complete and return your housing contract. The housing contract is legally and financially binding upon submission, so be sure you are confident in your housing plans prior to submission. More details may be found in the Room & Board Terms and Conditions. A copy of the housing contract will be included in our communication. There is no deadline for returning your housing contract, however if you require it before Week 8 you will be included in communications about vacancies in your former House. Contracts submitted during Week 8 and beyond will not be included in these communications. 

Assignment Options

There are several options available to students studying abroad for returning to on-campus housing, including:

  1. Being pulled into a current or expected vacancy. If you know of another student living on-campus who has or is expecting to have a vacancy in their room for Winter Quarter, you may indicate this on your housing contract. The student(s) in the room will receive information regarding the pull-in process during Weeks 8 & 9 of the Autumn Quarter. All remaining students in the room must email our office confirming their desire to pull you into the space.
  2. Bid on a vacancy. If you submit your housing contract before the start of Week 8, you will be included in communications to your former House about any current or expected vacancies for Winter Quarter. If you wish to bid on one or more vacancies, you must respond to our communication. A student's seniority determines the outcome of the bidding process, meaning the student with the highest number of quarters lived in the House will win the bidding process. If there are students who have equal numbers of quarters lived in the House, the student with the greatest number of quarters enrolled in the College will win the bid. If there are students who have equal numbers of quarters lived in the House and enrolled in the College, a random draw will determine the outcome of the bidding process.
  3. General assignment. If you prefer to be assigned by our office, you may indicate your preferences on your housing contract and you will be assigned based on space availbility. Our office will make a concerted effort to consider any preferences you have indicated on your housing contract, however we cannot guarantee placement in a particular House, hall room or room type. 

Our office will assign students to housing over winter break and once assignments have been completed, you will receive an email advising you of how to review your assignment details. No assignment changes will occur prior to Week 3 of the Winter Quarter. If you are dissatisfied with your assignment and wish to change Houses or halls, you may visit our office to complete and submit a General Waitlist form.