Studying Abroad Autumn Quarter

What You Should Know About Your Housing Prior to and After Your Autumn Study Abroad Program

Storage While You Are Away

You may store belongings in the storage room of your current building for the Autumn Quarter while you are abroad, provided that you return a pink housing contract/application card to College Housing before you leave at the end of the academic year indicating your plans to return to College Housing in Winter Quarter.

Returning to College Housing

  • If you know you would like to return to College Housing when you return to campus, please turn in a Housing Application/Contract Card and House Preference Sheet to College Housing. There is no deadline to do this, but it is often easiest to turn in the Housing Application/Contract Card before you leave at the end of the quarter.
  • If you are interested in returning to your former House, please know that we try very hard to return students back to their former House if that is what they have requested.
  • College Housing will make your room assignment during Winter Break. Once your assignment is made, you will be expected to reside in College Housing for the remainder of the academic year.

Your Housing Application/Contract Card is a binding contract and you will not be able to cancel it. Please read the Terms and Conditions of your housing contract for additional information.

  • You will be notified of your Winter Quarter assignment during the last week of the Winter break and will be able to move into your new room when the residence halls re-open for Winter Quarter.
  • If you are not satisfied with the room that you are assigned, you can sign up to be on the General Waitlist upon your return to campus.

Returning to Your House

There are four ways to return to your current House when you resume your studies in Chicago:

  • You can be pulled in to a room with a vacancy during end-of-quarter room changes in late November.
    If you have a friend who intends to pull you into a room at the end of the Autumn quarter, indicate this on your Housing Preference Sheet. Your friends will need to notify their RHs that they plan to pull you in within the timeline they are given for pull-in rights.
  • You can participate in your current House’s end-of-quarter lottery in late November if rooms are available. 
    In an email sent out during 6th week of the quarter that you are away College Housing will notify you of the deadline to contact us to request to participate in your former House’s In-House Lottery.
  • You can participate in the “Study Abroad Lottery.” The lottery will be held during Finals Week, via email. 
    We will provide you with a lottery number, based on seniority, and a list of vacancies which are available, and you will be able to rank which rooms you would like to reserve. There are two phases in this lottery: the Building Study Abroad Lottery and the General Study Abroad Lottery. The lottery number which we will assign you is the same for both lotteries.
  • You can request to return to your House on the Housing Preference Sheet. 
    While we cannot guarantee that there will be spaces available in your current House, know that we try very hard to accommodate specific housing requests when making housing assignments.

As it applies to the Spring Lottery and In-House room changes, if you return to the same House in which you were living last quarter, you retain all accrued seniority in that House, including your quarter abroad. You continue to accrue quarters in the College as long as you are on a University-sponsored study abroad program.

The Assignments Manager in College Housing will send further instructions in October via email about how to return to housing Winter quarter. Please take care to meet the deadlines that will be included in that message.