Studying Abroad Spring Quarter


Leaving at the End of the Quarter

  • You need to notify College Housing that you will be leaving to participate in a U of C sponsored study abroad program by completing the enclosed “Notice of Departure” form and bringing it to College Housing by Friday of tenth week Winter Quarter.
  • You are required to vacate your room and check out no later than 12pm noon on the last Saturday of Winter Quarter. Please bring your pink housing sheet to the front desk of your residence hall upon checking-out to ensure a proper check out so that you can avoid improper check out fees.
  • You may store belongings in the storage room of your current building for the quarter you are away provided that you give your housing contract/application to a friend who will serve as your proxy and reserve a room for you during the lotteries for the next academic year. Note that storage rooms are not accessible during the Summer Break.
  • Your room & board contract will be canceled on the last day of Winter Quarter. No cancellation fee is charged to participants in University sponsored study abroad programs.

Returning to College Housing for Autumn Quarter & Reserving a Room in the Spring Lotteries

  • If you would like to return to College Housing for Autumn quarter, you may arrange to have a friend turn in the enclosed housing contract/reapplication card for you in the Spring Housing Lottery. Your friend will act as your proxy and will be able to participate for you in the In-House lottery of the House you left after Winter Quarter, or in any other lottery (ie; Building, General). Housing staff (RHs and RAs) are not eligible proxies. If you are interested in returning to your former House, please notify your RHs so that you are included in the In-House Seniority List. You need to notify them no later than the end of Winter quarter
  • Give the proxy form and signed and dated housing contract/re-application card to the person whom you have chosen to act on your behalf during the lottery, your proxy, before you leave campus. The proxy form states that you are giving this person permission to reserve a room for you for the next academic year. Both of these items (proxy form and signed housing contract) must be present to make your reservation at the time of the Lottery. It is essential that your proxy not lose these forms.
  • Please note, the housing contract card is a legal and binding contract, and once turned in, you will be held to the terms and conditions of the contract. If you have a proxy select your room, you will be expected to reside in that space and in College Housing for the entire academic year. Please review the Terms and Conditions of the housing contract on our website.
  • If you are unsure of your housing plans and are considering living in an apartment off-campus when you return, DO NOT have a proxy participate in the Spring lotteries for you. If you do not participate in the Spring lotteries but would like to live in housing when you return, please let us know and we will send you the appropriate form. All post-lottery assignments will be made in late August.
  • If you return to the same House in which you were living Winter Quarter, you will retain all your accrued seniority in that House (as it applies to the Spring Lottery and in-House room changes), and you will accrue a quarter of seniority while abroad. Your quarters in the College continue to accrue for seniority purposes as long as you are on a University-sponsored study abroad program.

More information on the Spring Lotteries can be found at the housing website beginning in mid-April.