Coulter House


  • Memorial Day Indiana Dunes cookout
  • Coulter Jam talent show and open mic
  • Apple picking in fall with all of Burton-Judson
  • Christkindlmarket and ice skating
  • Phillip Glass Fest (Phillip Glass was a resident)
  • BJ Library Slumber Party
  • End of year picnic at the Point


Coulter House is filled with a very supportive community of residents, many of whom are interested in theater and the arts. Coulterites are a tight-knit group. Monday and Tuesday nights often have thematic movie nights and residents often initiate impromptu House trips. More organized trips are announced on a weekly basis and fill the white board as one enters the House. This might include the annual trip to the Field Museum on College Break Day or one of many unique House events such as Coulter Jam, the House talent show, open mic night, Phillip Glass Fest, which recognizes one of Coulter’s most notable alums, or the BJ Library Slumber Party. The House manages a care package fundraiser during orientation week that helps pay for cool Coulter perks such as a subscription to the Economist, Netflix, and full cable in the House Lounge. The lounge is always active with people playing video games, board games, or generally just hanging out. Weekly Game of Thrones viewing parties are also de rigueur. Residents note that the architecture leads to strong floor culture, which leads to many open doors in the hallways. The House colors are blue and white and the House mascot is a Kracken.


Coulter House was named for John Merle Coulter, hired in 1894 to head the University’s Department of Botany. An eminent scholar in his field, Coulter was known to have close connections with his plants. (His legacy is memorialized today by a small plastic rhododendron on the second-floor stairwell!).

Resident Staff

Steve Han, Resident Assistant
Patrick Fitzgibbon, Resident Head
Rachel Ko, Resident Head
Andrew Siegel, Resident Master
Patty Jones, Resident Master

Residence Hall Map

1005 E. 60th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 702-5100

Getting Around

Just south of the main campus quadrangles, across the Midway Plaisance from Harper Library. Most classrooms and the Regenstein Library are a five- to ten-minute walk.

Total Hall Residents: 313

Room Arrangements

Mostly singles, some large doubles; sizes range from 10’ X 12’ to 15’ X 15’. Community bathroom on each floor.

Burton-Judson Courts Sample Single Room Floor Plan

Burton-Judson Courts Sample Suite Room Floor Plan


  • Upper Burton lounge/common room
  • Large community kitchen
  • Television room
  • Library
  • Computer room
  • Two courtyards
  • Basement recreation room with ping-pong and pool tables
  • Black box theatre