Dodd-Mead House


  • Monday TV nights, Sunday House meetings, Friday Tea Hour, and random outings downtown
  • High participation in Kuviasungnerk/Kangeiko
  • The George Herbert Mead Birthday Dinner
  • Brunch walk to South Loop
  • Two-night camping trip
  • Fort Night


Dodd-Mead is an incredibly active and close-knit House. Dodd-Mead is fiercely independent and commiserates in good natured, self-effacing suffering. Dodd-Mead residents make inter-House affiliation a priority. The House loves to participate in the annual winter festival, Kuviasungnerk/Kangeiko, and has won the participation award at this event for many years. Like many Houses at the University, Dodd-Mead has a vibrant House Lounge culture, and has a tradition of Fort Night where they build pillow and sheet forts, watch Disney movies, and hang in the lounge all day. On the more formal side, Dodd-Mead hosts the annual George Herbert Mead birthday dinner each February, to which professors and administrators are invited by students to enjoy live music and toasts by fourth year residents. Activities in the House might include a game of Sardines in Logan or the annual pilgrimage on foot from Hyde Park to the South Loop for brunch. Dodd-Mead is proud of its involvement in Scav, with arguably the highest participation in all of Burton-Judson. Nearly everyone in the House contributes in one way or another. Residents take pleasure in their study breaks never repeating. The House is active in intramural sports, with a core group of players fielding a variety of teams. Residents often take initiative to take self-directed, impromptu trips downtown to see movies, eat dinners, or attend cultural events. In the House, residents love to argue about almost anything, and conversation at the round House Table (the only round table in the College Houses) is often wildly varied and highly entertaining.


William E. Dodd was a historian of the American South during the 1910s and ’20s. George Herbert Mead was one of the most influential thinkers at the University of Chicago. One of the founders (along with fellow Maroon John Dewey, Charles Sanders Pierce, and William James) of the philosophical school of pragmatism, Mead, along the way, invented social psychology and exerted a huge influence on the field of sociology.

Resident Staff

Naureen Kheraj, Resident Assistant
Alex Silverman, Resident Head
Sarah Silverman, Resident Head
Andrew Siegel, Resident Master
Patty Jones, Resident Master

Residence Hall Map

1005 E. 60th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 702-5100

Getting Around

Just south of the main campus quadrangles, across the Midway Plaisance from Harper Library. Most classrooms and the Regenstein Library are a five- to ten-minute walk.

Total Hall Residents: 313

Room Arrangements

Mostly singles, some large doubles; sizes range from 10’ X 12’ to 15’ X 15’. Community bathroom on each floor.

Burton-Judson Courts Sample Single Room Floor Plan

Burton-Judson Courts Sample Suite Room Floor Plan


  • Upper Burton lounge/common room
  • Large community kitchen
  • Television room
  • Library
  • Computer room
  • Two courtyards
  • Basement recreation room with ping-pong and pool tables
  • Black box theatre