Linn-Mathews House


  • High participation in ScavHunt
  • Annual Twin Peaks Series
  • Fancy Dinner
  • Assassins game
  • Trip to Indiana Dunes


Often manifest as apathy towards establishment, the culture of Linn-Mathews is characterized by an independent streak and a collective free spirit. Linn-Mathewsniks can be found all over campus, socializing widely and even inventing their own RSOs.  They pride themselves in a diversity of interests, as musicians, writers, volunteers, mathematicians, physicists, circus folk, thespians, gamers, athletes, comedians, cooks, kings, queens, beggars, and geese.  Despite the dispersion, residents coalesce around a collection of quirks and traditions, such as a bathroom-based newspaper, intense Werewolves games, and an apathetic goose mascot that resides in the House lounge. Scav is very important to the House, and nearly every resident contributes in some way. Linn-Mathews has a strong IM presence, with IM and midnight soccer reigning supreme. In the House they enjoy board games, video games (there’s even been an internal House Minecraft server), “punny” humor, and energetic debate.  Sanctioned “House Parties” occur twice per quarter, and are a popular form of entertainment. Inventive House trips might include taking a water taxi from downtown to Chinatown or the traditional Fancy Dinners when residents dress up and go out for meals in the classiest of Chicago establishments.


Linn-Mathews House bears the name of James Weber Linn (1876-1939) and Shailer Mathews (1863-1941). Linn was a long-time professor in the English Department at UChicago, and was nephew of Jane Addams. Mathews was a longtime professor and dean of the University of Chicago’s Divinity School. Mathews was noted for his progressive bent in religious matters, believing that social concerns were an essential part of the Gospel and that the Bible did not exclude evolutionary possibilities. It is believed that he gave the shortest sermon ever delivered at the University’s Bond Chapel, which, in its entirety, was, “What worries me is not if I shall have immortality, but if I have it, what I’ll do with it. Shall we pray?” Linn-Mathews is the largest BJ House and runs along the east side of Burton-Judson Courts, between the Law School’s fountain pond and the Burton Courtyard. The street noise is minimal. Like the rest of BJ, Linn-Mathews House rooms are mostly singles with a few large doubles.

Resident Staff

Amber Estes, Resident Assistant
Rachel Hildebrand, Resident Assistant
Ryan Priester, Resident Head
Andrew Siegel, Resident Master
Patty Jones, Resident Master

Residence Hall Map

1005 E. 60th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 702-5100

Getting Around

Just south of the main campus quadrangles, across the Midway Plaisance from Harper Library. Most classrooms and the Regenstein Library are a five- to ten-minute walk.

Total Hall Residents: 313

Room Arrangements

Mostly singles, some large doubles; sizes range from 10’ X 12’ to 15’ X 15’. Community bathroom on each floor.

Burton-Judson Courts Sample Single Room Floor Plan

Burton-Judson Courts Sample Suite Room Floor Plan


  • Upper Burton lounge/common room
  • Large community kitchen
  • Television room
  • Library
  • Computer room
  • Two courtyards
  • Basement recreation room with ping-pong and pool tables
  • Black box theatre