Immanuel Thangaraj House

Thangaraj House

Thangaraj House is named for Immanuel Thangaraj, AB’92, MBA’93. 

Immanuel Thangaraj entered the College intending to become a doctor but graduated through the professional option program, earning both a bachelor’s degree from the College and an MBA from Chicago Booth. Nonetheless, that original interest in health care and his connection to UChicago have shaped his career.

While still a student at Booth, Thangaraj worked for ARCH Development Corporation (ADC), which at the time was the sole technology transfer and commercialization engine for the University of Chicago. Upon completing his MBA, he joined ARCH Venture Partners as its first associate as it spun out from ADC and is now recognized as one of the world’s leading early-stage venture capital firms. 

In 1996 Thangaraj joined Essex Woodlands and led the efforts to raise six funds totaling over $2.4 billion, making it one of the world’s largest health care-dedicated investment firms. As managing director of those funds, Thangaraj helped lead the firm in investing in and building over 100 innovative health care companies. In 2015, as the founding managing director, Thangaraj spun out the ongoing early-stage investment activities of Essex Woodlands to form Park Lane Health Ventures, a new firm exclusively dedicated to health care venture capital.

A grateful scholarship recipient and former International House resident, Thangaraj is a dedicated UChicago volunteer. He has been an active mentor to College and Booth students, hosted career treks for undergraduates in Silicon Valley, and helped lead giving efforts for his College and Chicago Booth reunions. He is a member of the College Visiting Committee and a cochair of the Council on Chicago Booth. Thangaraj, a 2003 recipient of Chicago Booth’s Young Alumni Award, is also one of the founding advisory board members of the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and has been a proud supporter of its New Venture Challenges for 20 years. 

In naming the house, we also honor his parents, the Rev. Dr. Anthony Thangaraj and Shanthi Thangaraj.

Getting Around

Campus North Residential Commons is located in the northern part of campus, a few minute walk from the main Quadrangles. Together with Smart Museum and Court Theatre, Ratner Athletic Center, and the Henry Crown Field House, the project will transform this key area as an important, attractive, and inviting gateway to the campus. 

Total Hall Residents: 800

Room Arrangements

Campus North Residential Commons will feature double, single, and apartment style rooms. Each House will span three floors with centrally located community space that touches all three floors. Community bathrooms will be located on each floor, along with at least one private single-user bathroom per House.

Average House Floor Plan


  • 15th floor reading room with spectacular views of lakefront and University
  • Music practice rooms
  • Study rooms
  • Two residential courtyards
  • Two centrally located common rooms for programs and events
  • Ground level commercial venues that bring new retail to campus community
  • Two classrooms with seating for 40 students
  • State-of-the-art dining commons open to campus and surrounding community