Residence Hall Closures

Q: What is the Community Placement process?

A: This is the process through which each of the nine communities affected by the decommissioning will have an opportunity to share their input about their community’s desired location next academic year. The process, which will be led by the each community’s Special College Housing Advisory Committee representative, asks House communities to rank relocation options for their community and answer three essay questions. As previously announced, there will be eight communities at Campus North. Additionally, one community will be able to move to International House.  With this in mind, none of the Houses going into Campus North will be combined. 

Q: How will Houses be placed in new locations?

A: College Housing will review the input from the 2016 Community Placement process and make recommendations to leadership in Campus and Student Life and the College, who will decide the placements.

Q: When will the locations of the Houses be announced?

A: The new locations will be announced at the end of February 2016.

Q: What will happen to the names of the nine houses affected by this announcement?

A: Eight of the names of the nine affected houses – Blackstone, Breckinridge, Maclean, Wick, Talbot, Palmer, Tufts, Henderson and Midway – will be retired as House names after the spring of 2016.  One house will retain its name and move to International House in the fall of 2016. We will work with current residents and staff to plan celebrations throughout the 2015-16 academic year to honor these residence halls and their houses. Campus and Student Life and the College also are in discussions about additional ways to honor the individuals after whom these Houses were originally named and to celebrate their historic contributions to the University.

Q: How many houses will be in Campus North?

A: Campus North will have eight new Houses. 

Q: Are Thompson and Shorey moving to Campus North?

A: No. Thompson and Shorey will continue to be located in International House.

Q: When will tours be available for Campus North?

A: Tours will be made available in Spring Quarter 2016, and residents will be able to find out more information and sign up online at

Q: Why is the University no longer using Blackstone, Breckinridge, Broadview and Maclean to house College students?

A: The decision is in line with the University's long-term strategy for College Housing, which includes strengthening the Resident Master model and housing more College students closer to campus. This decision also coincides with the opening of Campus North Residential Commons in the fall of 2016.

Q: What is the University planning to do with Blackstone, Breckinridge, Broadview and Maclean?

A:  Breckinridge will remain part of the University portfolio and be used in a manner yet to be determined. The building will retain the name Breckinridge. The University will sell Blackstone, Broadview and Maclean.

Q: How will this impact the residential experience for students living in these buildings?

A: The sale of these buildings will not change your housing assignment or residential experience through June of 2016 and all residence hall amenities will continue uninterrupted.  You may notice potential investors touring the buildings in the coming months during business hours. Residents will receive advance notice of all tours, which will be primarily in common areas. During break periods it is possible the tours will enter individual rooms, and in these situations, residents will receive prior notification and University staff will be present.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the sale of these buildings?

A: The University is committed to considering all reasonable and viable offers for the buildings.

Q: How will the staff that live and/or work in these buildings be affected?

A: We do not anticipate any layoffs as a result of the closure of these residence halls. The University is working with staff members and union leadership to achieve the best outcome. Our staff are important to us and we will ensure that appropriate support is extended to all affected employees.

Q: Was the cost of maintaining these aging buildings a primary factor in the decision?

A: No. The buildings would have been costly to maintain as residence halls, but the decision was made keeping with the University's long-term strategy to strengthen the Resident Master model and house more College students closer to campus.

Q: What is happening to New Grad?

A: An announcement was made last year about the New Graduate Residence Hall, which will be renovated to be the future home of the Harris School of Public Policy and renamed the Keller Center.  New Grad will no longer house College students after the 2015-16 academic year. 

Q: Will this affect dining commons?

A: No. Cathey and Bartlett will remain open and the Campus North Dining Commons will open in the fall of 2016.

Q: How will students be involved in planning celebrations?

A: The Special College Housing Advisory Committee—comprised of one student representative from each of the nine affected houses as well as two Resident Heads—will help plan celebratory events to honor the closings throughout the 2015-16 academic year. 

Q: Where can I get more information?

A: For questions about this announcement or College Housing in general, please contact your Resident Head or your Special College Housing Advisory Committee representative. All residents are welcome to email Updates will also continue to be shared with the College Housing community via the College Housing staff and website: