Cathey House


  • Halloween party with costumes
  • Superbowl Party with chili cook-off
  • Winter Beach Party
  • Jump in at Promontory Point during first and last day of classes of the year.


Cathey’s interest in cooking, Chicago restaurants and delicious study breaks is steadfast. Students compete to see who can create the most delicious and original study break food, vying for a prize decided by their peers at the end of each quarter. Past successes have included 5 kinds of homemade sorbet and a huge pot of chicken fried rice. Study breaks are so popular that residents will drop what they are doing on campus and travel back to Cathey to make sure they get a piece of whatever is being served. The House is filled with leaders who are content with being exactly who they are. Cathey’s composed, even-tempered residents are self-motivated to explore the city on their own and often find a shared interest in music, culture, arts, poetry, and dance. Students from the House can often be found joining each other at one of the campus hosted concerts or cultural events. To commemorate the first and last day of classes of each year, residents will venture to the Point to jump in Lake Michigan. To help make it through the long Chicago winters, Cathey will host a winter beach party in the House Lounge with everything but the sand – limbo, music, sno-cones, leis. In Cathey House the Super Bowl is not just a time to watch football, but it is also the catalyst for the famed House chili cook-off. The House insignia is a bowtie in honor of Arley D. Cathey, Jr., a man widely known for his fondness of bowties.


Cathey House is named to recognize the contributions of College alumnus, Arley D. Cathey, Jr., PhB’50. Mr. Cathey, a native of El Dorado, Arkansas, entered the College at age 16. During his final two years, he lived in Burton-Judson Courts, which now adjoin the dining commons that bears his family name. He recalls fondly his years as an undergraduate at the University, where he was first exposed to classic texts like the Illiad and the Odyssey under then-president Robert Maynard Hutchins.

“I really think that reading the classics have helped shaped my beliefs to a great extent, probably as much as my family’s instruction has guided me,” Cathey said. “The University plays a good role in shaping a person’s beliefs for life. It did mine.”

He remembers many happy mornings reading on the Judson patio, looking south toward 63rd Street over an expanse of lawn. “I enjoyed that, never dreaming for an instant there would be a large building there…and certainly never dreaming that there would be anything that would bear my name,” he said. “A lot of things happen that you never dream of happening, and that’s what makes it so exciting and so rewarding.”

Mr. Cathey asked that in naming the House, we honor his father, Arley D. Cathey, Sr.

Resident Staff

Maria Buckley, Resident Assistant
Mary Gen Sanner, Resident Assistant
Saeed Richardson, Resident Head
Anne Richardson, Resident Head
Larry McEnerney, Resident Master
Cathe McEnerney, Resident Master

Residence Hall Map

6031 S. Ellis Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637

Getting Around

A short walk from the main campus quadrangles, this new residential complex is located immediately south of Burton-Judson Courts. Together with the new Arley D. Cathey Dining Commons and Reva and David Logan Center for Creative and Performing Arts, the complex anchors a newly vitalized community on the University’s Campus South.

Total Hall Residents: 787

Room Arrangements

Half the spaces are in double rooms; a third of the spaces are in single rooms; there are 3-4 apartments (for four people) per House; and there is a triple room (for 3 students) in most houses. Community bathrooms on each floor, along with at least one private single-user bathroom per House. First year students are typically assigned to double or triple rooms (approx. 10’x20’). All rooms are carpeted.

Granville-Grossman Sample Room Floor Plan


  • Two large building commons
  • Two-story 5th floor reading room
  • Two courtyards
  • Street level cafe/convenience store
  • Music practice rooms
  • Study rooms
  • House lounges
  • Internal House staircase
  • Steps from Cathey Dining Commons