Crown House


  • Two-day camping trip to the Indiana Dunes
  • O-Week Scavenger Hunt downtown
  • Intramural sports domination
  • Halloween and Oscars parties
  • Chairman’s Cup (Alper-Crown Broomball match)
  • Apple Picking
  • Winter Quarter ski trip in Wisconsin


Located on the highest floors of Granville-Grossman East lies Crown House, whose residents are known for traversing the fair city of Chicago, competing in intramural sports, and having a lot of House pride. Improv shows, downtown trips to the Loop, and cooking are all normal activities for Crownites, and each year the RHs, RAs, and House Council organize an overnight camping trip to the Indiana Dunes and a ski trip in Wisconsin. Crownites come from a variety of backgrounds so there is something for everyone and there’s an eclectic intermixing of subcultures across the entire House. A special energy characterizes Housemates in Crown who are considered spontaneous as they go all out, 100%. Crown is the current holder of the Hall Council cup, which represents the intensity found in the House. An ‘extravagant’ first study break is hosted at the beginning of the year and the RAs are known all across Granville-Grossman. Crown House takes pride in the fact that nearly all of their study breaks are made from scratch – no boxes of Betty Crocker for Crownites – though an exception is made for Nutella, which is a go-to ingredient. In true UChicago form, a recent study break included a ‘periodic table of cupcakes’. Care packages are sold by Crown House and has become a very successful fundraiser. A favorite House event is the “Tour de Deep Dish” where residents sample the various styles of Chicago deep dish pizza. House ingenuity is reflected in building a TV and computer composed only of spare parts found in the IT department. Furthermore, Crownites are very active in campus life. Whether public speaking, the arts, varsity sports, Model UN, or cultural shows, it’s very likely there’s a Crownite there.


Crown House is named for Paula Hannaway Crown and James S. Crown, University Trustee and former Chair of the Board. James Crown received his BA from Hampshire College in 1976, and his JD from Stanford University in 1980. He currently serves as the President of Henry Crown and Company, an investment firm that owns or has interests in a variety of business assets. He was elected as Trustee of the University in 1988. In 2003, he became Chairman of the University of Chicago Board of Trustees, serving in that role until he was succeeded by Andrew Alper in 2009. Paula H. Crown received her BA from Duke University in 1980. In 2003, she became a member of the Board of Trustees at Duke University. She currently serves as the Vice President of Real Estate Finance at Henry Crown and Company. The Crowns have four children.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Crown are very committed to their involvement with the University. They have been generous contributors to the Urban Education Initiative, the Central Annual Fund, the Division of the Humanities, the Division of the Biological Sciences, Chicago Booth, and the Smart Museum. In addition to his leadership on the Board, Mr. Crown has served as a member of the Medical Center Board of Trustees, the Major Gifts Athletics Committee, and the Visiting Committees to the Division of the Humanities and the Law School. Mrs. Crown remains an active member of the Women’s Board.

Crown is the legacy House of the Shorland’s Dudley and Bradbury Houses. Befitting of Crown House, the insignia features a bold, golden crown emblazoned over a field of blue and gold. The House mascot is the Lion.

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Residence Hall Map

6031 S. Ellis Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637

Getting Around

A short walk from the main campus quadrangles, this new residential complex is located immediately south of Burton-Judson Courts. Together with the new Arley D. Cathey Dining Commons and Reva and David Logan Center for Creative and Performing Arts, the complex anchors a newly vitalized community on the University’s Campus South.

Total Hall Residents: 787

Room Arrangements

Half the spaces are in double rooms; a third of the spaces are in single rooms; there are 3-4 apartments (for four people) per House; and there is a triple room (for 3 students) in most houses. Community bathrooms on each floor, along with at least one private single-user bathroom per House. First year students are typically assigned to double or triple rooms (approx. 10’x20’). All rooms are carpeted.

Granville-Grossman Sample Room Floor Plan


  • Two large building commons
  • Two-story 5th floor reading room
  • Two courtyards
  • Street level cafe/convenience store
  • Music practice rooms
  • Study rooms
  • House lounges
  • Internal House staircase
  • Steps from Cathey Dining Commons