Jannotta House


  • Apple picking
  • Christkindlemarkt
  • Grillpocalypse
  • Karaoke Night
  • The Jannies – House Award Show


With one of the liveliest, most vibrant lounge cultures around, and an extremely supportive group of residents, it’s easy to understand why Jannotta is often described by its sense of “community” and “home”.  Jannottans are frequently in their lounge playing video and board games, catching up on homework, cooking, or attending study breaks and House meetings.  Residents cultivate a culture where anyone is welcome to join them in what they are doing and consistently attend the events that their fellow housemates are organizing and participating in across campus, including - but certainly not limited to - the arts, varsity sports, and student government. The large numbers of Expats (House Associates) who frequently return to the House and join in intramural sports are indicative of the strong bond forged between members of the Jannotta family. Jannotta ups the ante by presenting a gift card to the ‘best study break’ each quarter, which results in some exceptional study breaks.  Some of the more creative House events are hosted by Jannotta, such as the Fifth Fryday Fried Oreo Fundraiser, a Murder Mystery Night Dinner, and a House service auction (where you can obtain naming rights to the House Wii). The Founders Day Event includes the Jannies, an annual award show in which every resident is nominated, and a baby picture contest. Other house events include quarterly brunch trips, house trips to Second City, Christkindlemarkt, and restaurants across Chicago, and our annual Karaoke Night, an event that all of South eagerly anticipates every year. Jannottans are avid Scav Hunt participants and comprise a large percentage of the South Campus Team each year. The Jannotta mascot is a dragon and a dragon head can be found displayed in the Lounge.


Jannotta House is named for Deborah R. and Edgar D. Jannotta, emeritus University Trustee.  Edgar Jannotta received his AB from Princeton University in 1953 and his MBA from Harvard University in 1959. He is the Senior Advisor at William Blair and Company, one of the nation’s leading regional investment banks. He was elected as a Trustee of the University in 1984. In 1999, he became Chairman of University of Chicago Board of Trustees, serving in that role until 2003. Deborah Jannotta received her BA from Smith College in 1956, the same year she married Mr. Jannotta. She served as the Vice President of Development for the Chicago Foundation for Education, serving teachers and students in Chicago public elementary schools. She was also a civic leader in Chicago. The Jannottas have four children.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Jannotta are very committed to their involvement with the University. They have been generous contributors to the Central Annual Fund, the Division of the Humanities, Chicago Booth, the Smart Museum, the Oriental Institute, and the University Hospitals. In addition to his leadership on the Board, Mr. Jannotta has served as a member of the Medical Center Board of Trustees, the Chair of the Chicago Initiative, and he was instrumental in creating a matching fund for College scholarships. Mrs. Jannotta remained an active member of the Women’s Board.

Many of the first residents of Jannotta came from Fishbein House after Shoreland Hall closed in 2009. The connection to the old House is still conjured by a friendly and exclamatory “What up Fishbein!” when entering the Jannotta lounge.

Residence Hall Map

6031 S. Ellis Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637

Getting Around

A short walk from the main campus quadrangles, this new residential complex is located immediately south of Burton-Judson Courts. Together with the new Arley D. Cathey Dining Commons and Reva and David Logan Center for Creative and Performing Arts, the complex anchors a newly vitalized community on the University’s Campus South.

Total Hall Residents: 787

Room Arrangements

Half the spaces are in double rooms; a third of the spaces are in single rooms; there are 3-4 apartments (for four people) per House; and there is a triple room (for 3 students) in most houses. Community bathrooms on each floor, along with at least one private single-user bathroom per House. First year students are typically assigned to double or triple rooms (approx. 10’x20’). All rooms are carpeted.

Granville-Grossman Sample Room Floor Plan


  • Two large building commons
  • Two-story 5th floor reading room
  • Two courtyards
  • Street level cafe/convenience store
  • Music practice rooms
  • Study rooms
  • House lounges
  • Internal House staircase
  • Steps from Cathey Dining Commons