International House

Architect: Holabird & Root
Built: 1932

International House at the University of Chicago, founded in 1932 by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. is a dynamic program center and residence hall for approximately 430 students from over fifty countries who are affiliated with educational, professional, and cultural institutions in and around Chicago. The mission of International House is to promote cross-cultural understanding, mutual respect and friendship among students and scholars. In addition to serving as a vibrant residential community, International House also serves the greater Chicago community as a cultural and intellectual center for a wide range of diverse programs. Activities range from politics and international films, to dance and music, from cultural celebrations and educational programs to discussions and debates on world issues.

Four College Houses call International House home. Phoenix House and Booth House are located in the East Tower of International House while Thompson House and Shorey House are located in the West Tower. These College Houses enjoy the unique opportunity of participating easily in the programming and events that take place in International House – while also having the advantage of dedicated College Housing staff to provide support and guidance to their communities.

House Communities


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Scott and Laura Stern

Resident Masters

Scott and Laura Stern started their tenure as Resident Masters in September 2012, as the inaugural Resident Masters for the College Houses located within International House.

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“The houses in I-House are amazingly warm and tight-knit, and I couldn't imagine living with a better group of people. There's also something amazing about being able to walk downstairs and into a lecture by world leaders, like Madeleine Albright, without ever setting a foot outside.”

—Victoria M., Class of 2016

Residence Hall Map

1414 E. 59th Street
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 753-2270

Getting Around

Located just to the west of Breckinridge House, on the north side of the Midway Plaisance. The Harper Quad is about a five minute walk.

Total Hall Residents: 253

Room Arrangements

Booth and Phoenix: All single rooms on single-sex floors; approximately 10’ X 12’. Community bathroom on each floor.

Thompson and Shorey: Mostly single rooms, a few doubles on co-ed floors; approximately 10’ X 12’. Community bathroom on each floor.

International House Sample Room Floor Plan


  • Inner courtyard
  • Programming in Assembly Hall
  • Third floor quiet study lounge
  • Large community kitchen and dining room
  • Each House has a small House lounge