Shorey House


  • Broomball
  • Ferrari Day in the Spring
  • Ferrari Painting
  • Sports Frolic
  • Being on Top (of the Building), Always
  • Second City trip
  • Thanksgiving with the RHs
  • Quarterly Assassins


Once a lucky first year has become a Shoreyite, they will get the chance to paint a large, idolistic statute affectionately known as Ferrari, a treasure from our days in Pierce. We enjoy some intramural sports sometimes, but mostly broomball, which is where we truly dominate. (We’re probably former champions.) We are, in fact, intramural Euchre (a fun card game) champions, which makes sense as there are often card games going on in our lounge. The lounge is also a site of much Smashing and other various Wii-U games. Additionally, the lounge is also home to some assorted items, like the Artifact, which was used in our former home, Pierce Tower, and a broken exercise bike.

Each year brings something different to Shorey. In the past, we’ve had a small but strong strong going-to-Clarke’s-diner-in-the-middle-of-the-night culture, a commitment to Kuvia, a workout squad (#ShoreySwole) and excellent success in online surveys for which there are prizes. In Shorey, first years are welcomed into a storied house which will grow with its newest members. 


Paul Shorey, former professor of Greek at the University of Chicago, was born August 3, 1857 in Davenport, Iowa. His family moved to Chicago in 1865; his father, Daniel Lewis Shorey, established a successful law practice and was named an alderman. In 1874 he entered Harvard (his father's alma mater) and graduated in 1878 with highest honors in classics, history, and philosophy. He probably didn’t foresee how glorious his name would become.

Shorey lived in Pierce Tower from 1960 to 2013, before moving to it’s current home, International House. While in Pierce, Shorey was the first house to become co-ed. The annual campus event, Festival of the Arts, or FOTA, originated with Shoreyites. Back in the seventies, Shorey was the intramural champion in a swimming event called the “Sweatshirt Relay.” The House motto, “Always on Top,” or “Semper Supra” if you’re feeling classical, is a nod to the House’s former location at the top of Pierce Tower, floors nine and ten, and present location on floors six, seven, and eight of International House, the top-est house in the hall. 

Residence Hall Map

1414 E. 59th Street
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 753-2270

Getting Around

Located just to the west of the Metra (electric commuter train) station, on the north side of the Midway Plaisance. The Harper Quad is about a five minute walk.

Total Hall Residents: 363

Room Arrangements

Breckinridge, Booth and Phoenix: All single rooms on single-sex floors; approximately 10’ X 12’. Community bathroom on each floor.

Thompson and Shorey: Mostly single rooms, a few doubles on co-ed floors; approximately 10’ X 12’. Community bathroom on each floor.

International House Sample Room Floor Plan


  • Inner courtyard
  • Programming in Assembly Hall
  • Third floor quiet study lounge
  • Large community kitchen and dining room
  • Each House has a small House lounge