Max Palevsky Residential Commons

Designed by Ricardo Legorreta, winner of the 1999 AIA Gold Medal, Max Palevsky Residential Commons opened in the fall of 2001. Max Palevsky East, Central and West are connected by a common basement and have one central mailroom. Residents dine in Bartlett Dining Commons, which is just south of Max Palevsky East. All houses are co-ed, except Hoover, which has single-sex floors.

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Jason and Suzanne Riggle

Resident Masters

Jason and Suzanne Riggle are the Resident Masters of Max Palevsky Residential Commons.

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“Max P. residents are spoiled by a wonderful sense of community the residence hall creates; because all of the buildings are both physically connected and brought together through interhouse activities. Everyone in Max seems to know each other. A lot of my closest friends live in this community.”

—Megan G., Class of 2014

Residence Hall Map

1101 E. 56th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 834-9202

Getting Around

In the heart of campus, just north of the Regenstein Library and across the street from Henry Crown Field House. Less than five minutes from the main quads.

Total Hall Residents: 715

Room Arrangements

First-year students are assigned to double suites consisting of two sleeping rooms for two (about 12’ X 10’ each), a bathroom, and a small entryway. About one-fourth of rooms are single suites for upperclass students (about 10’ X 10’ each side) with shared bath.


  • Large building lounge
  • TV/rec room
  • Music practice rooms
  • Computer room
  • Each House has a study room