Alper House


  • Coffeehouse
  • Neighborhood service projects
  • Camping at the Indiana Dunes
  • Alper vs. Crown annual broomball tournament
  • 5PM “old people” dinner


Due to its enthusiastic residents and dedicated RA/RH team, Alper House is one of the most cohesive Houses on campus. With over 100 Alperites living in the House and a large number of associates who are still involved with House events, it is hard to find an activity that Alper is not a part of. Alperites participate in a wide variety of RSOs including RBIM, PHE, Splash Chicago, Neighborhood Schools Program, UBallet, UCCIR, Phoenix Funds, and Headlone. Alper also has a growing participation in UChicago traditions like Scav Hunt and Kuvia/Kangkeiko. In their free time, Alperites love to dominate in intramural sports such as flag football, volleyball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, broomball, and dodgeball, stage dance parties in the fourth floor hallways, cook delicious snacks for study break, or pelt each other with snowballs in front of Bartlett. Whether you are goofy, athletic, social, or studious, there is a place for you here in Alper House. ALPER IS RISEN!


Alper House is named in honor of Andrew Alper (AB ’80, MBA ’81) and Sharon Sadow Alper (AB ’80, JD ’84). Mr. Alper, a University Trustee, was elected in March of 2009 by his peers to serve as the President of the University of Chicago Board of Trustees for a three-year term. In 2002, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City appointed Mr. Alper President of the New York City Economic Development Corp. and Chairman of the New York City Industrial Development Agency. Working for $1 a year, Andrew Alper helped convince companies to stay and rebuild in lower Manhattan in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, while developing strategies to bring jobs and economic growth back to the city as a whole. He is now chairman of EQA Partners, L.P., an asset management firm specializing in global macro and currency strategies. Ms. Alper is an attorney who has taught at the Law Schools of Fordham University and New York University. Ms. Alper is also a member of the Visiting Committee for the College and Student Activities. Here is an excerpt from a response written to an Alperite in 2002 by Andrew Alper: “Throughout my career I have found that my Chicago education has served me extremely well. I was taught how to think, not what to think and I was given phenomenal opportunities at an early, untested age. The College prepared me for B-school and the GSB positioned me to start at Goldman Sachs as a 23 year old associate and to become one of Goldman’s youngest partners ever. Sharon and I are deeply grateful to what the University gave us and since we met at Pierce, naming Alper House seemed like an appropriate way to give something back.”

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Residence Hall Map

1101 E. 56th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 834-9202

Getting Around

In the heart of campus, just north of the Regenstein Library and across the street from Henry Crown Field House. Less than five minutes from the main quads.

Total Hall Residents: 715

Room Arrangements

First-year students are assigned to double suites consisting of two sleeping rooms for two (about 12’ X 10’ each), a bathroom, and a small entryway. About one-fourth of rooms are single suites for upperclass students (about 10’ X 10’ each side) with shared bath.


Max-Palevsky Residential Commons Sample Room Floor Plan


  • Large building lounge
  • TV/rec room
  • Music practice rooms
  • Computer room
  • Each House has a study room