Flint House


  • Biweekly Finer Things Tea Time in the RH apartment
  • Fancy High Tea at the Drake Hotel
  • Annual trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Estro-Fest and Testo-Fest: the (wo)manliest movie festival of all time
  • Flintsgiving


Flint House is a community of 80 students in Max Palevsky Central. Residents love exploring the city and entertaining trips to Second City, the Lincoln Park Zoo, apple picking, or the Art Institute are commonplace. With a lively lounge culture it is natural for Flint residents (known as Flinties) to come and go through the lounge. The House comes together at Thanksgiving, or rather Flintsgiving, to showcase the House’s cooking skills. Tea time is featured prominently in Flint, in both a biweekly affair hosted in the RH apartment and the annual trip to fancy high tea at the Drake Hotel downtown. Though most Houses host their study breaks at night, Flint changes things up a bit and often hosts daytime and nighttime study breaks. Much of the House culture revolves around these impressive study breaks (three each week!) which might offer pumpkin themed treats, homemade ice cream sandwiches, grilled cheese, or chocolate Oreo truffles. Old residents will often return, especially for Last Study Break. Flint is also the home of several t-shirt slogans such as “Where the end of the world began”. 


Flint House is named after Edith Foster Flint (1873-1949), a professor in the English department at the University of Chicago from 1909 until her retirement in 1938. Originally established in Woodward Court residence hall, Flint House moved to the Central building of Max Palevsky Residential Commons in the Winter Quarter of 2002. Flint previously partnered with Broadview Hall in the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt to form "Blint", a scrappy but spirited Scav team, but merged with “BroStoMP FM” (the eventual winners) in 2013.

Residence Hall Map

1101 E. 56th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 834-9202

Getting Around

In the heart of campus, just north of the Regenstein Library and across the street from Henry Crown Field House. Less than five minutes from the main quads.

Total Hall Residents: 715

Room Arrangements

First-year students are assigned to double suites consisting of two sleeping rooms for two (about 12’ X 10’ each), a bathroom, and a small entryway. About one-fourth of rooms are single suites for upperclass students (about 10’ X 10’ each side) with shared bath.


Max-Palevsky Residential Commons Sample Room Floor Plan


  • Large building lounge
  • TV/rec room
  • Music practice rooms
  • Computer room
  • Each House has a study room