Hoover House


  • Annual Super Bowl and Oscars Night parties
  • Participating in Kuvia/Kangeiko every winter quarter
  • Annual Serf Auction where House members sell their labor and services to one another: e.g. a Chinese rap performance, bathroom cleaning, cooking lessons, and a bagels and lox brunch.
  • The Hoover Family Band (no musical talent required to participate) has led Hoover to win the Max Arts celebration for nearly a decade
  • Memorial Day BBQ at Promontory Point


Hoover House consists of four floors situated in Max Palevsky East. They have single and double suites and are the only House in Max Palevsky with single sex floors. Hoover residents love to hang out in the Max East courtyard when the weather is nice and play Frisbee and badminton and enjoy s’mores and root beer floats. They also like attending trips of all sorts, such as visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Chicago Auto Show, Christkindlmarket, and the Art Institute, or going to a concert or dance show featuring Hoover residents. The House Lounge is a hub of activity for weekly study breaks, movie nights, and playing video or board games. Hooverites love to eat and are big fans of traveling to Chicago neighborhoods to dine at different ethnic restaurants in Chinatown, Korea town, PIlsen, and Devon Avenue. They also participate in IM sports like flag football, inner tube water polo, and 16-inch softball (in which they are the reigning champs). Hoover residents also spread their Hooverlove to the surrounding community by participating in volunteer activities and fundraisers. One of the most important goals in Hoover House is to make the House the students’ home. The Resident Heads and Assistants work closely with the House Council to create a caring community and a great place to live!


Hoover House was named for Gary E. Hoover (AB ’73) who is a member of the Visiting Committee on the College and Student Activities. Mr. Hoover is a successful entrepreneur, having founded Bookstop, Inc., a predecessor of Barnes and Nobles Superstore and Hoover’s Inc., a business-information company. He has written about his experiences as an entrepreneur in his book “Hoover’s Vision: Original Thinking for Business Success” (Texere, 2001.) Having traveled widely in pursuit of the advancement of cross-cultural understanding, Mr. Hoover has also been generously supportive of the creation of the Paris Center.

Hoover House was founded in 2001 and is home to 100 students each year. It occupies the four north-facing floors in the East building of Max Palevsky Residential Commons. Many students are drawn to Hoover House for its single-sex floors (men on floors 1 and 4, women on floors 2 and 3). The rooms are mainly doubles, with about eight single rooms per floor.

Residence Hall Map

1101 E. 56th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 834-9202

Getting Around

In the heart of campus, just north of the Regenstein Library and across the street from Henry Crown Field House. Less than five minutes from the main quads.

Total Hall Residents: 715

Room Arrangements

First-year students are assigned to double suites consisting of two sleeping rooms for two (about 12’ X 10’ each), a bathroom, and a small entryway. About one-fourth of rooms are single suites for upperclass students (about 10’ X 10’ each side) with shared bath.


Max-Palevsky Residential Commons Sample Room Floor Plan


  • Large building lounge
  • TV/rec room
  • Music practice rooms
  • Computer room
  • Each House has a study room