Henderson House


  • Holiday Secret Snowflake Gift Exchange
  • House service auction
  • People are ‘showered’ or ‘pied’ on their birthdays
  • Cook out at the Point
  • Wombat/Flombat Award
  • Whirlyball (a fast-paced game of basketball, wiffleball, lacrosse, and bumper cars all rolled into one) with Tufts House


Henderson House is an extremely social House. Henderson’s House culture has been marked by an eclectic mix of seemingly disparate interests that encompass an entire cross section of the University. A generally fun-loving, laid-back bunch, Hendus (as Henderson residents are fondly nicknamed) enjoy House activities such as “Mad Men” viewing parties on Sunday nights or the playful HenderSome Talent Show. Special study breaks are hosted every night of the week during finals. Henderson often makes a strong showing at sporting events, most notably in intramural basketball (frequent championships are now something of a dynasty), and intramural volleyball. The House mascot is the wombat, a large, burrowing marsupial from Australia. Each week the Wombat/Flombat award is given at House meeting to celebrate the past week’s best and worst fails. Henderson is extremely active in House fundraising. Making light of Chicago’s notoriously fickle weather, the House sells clear umbrellas that say “UChicago – Raining on your parade, since 1892” They also sell candy grams, tote bags emblazoned with “Totes Uncommon”, and cans of Orange Crush for your crush on Valentine’s Day. The House Birthday Czar is kept busy and people are ‘showered’ or ‘pied’ on their birthdays.


Henderson, named for Charles R. Henderson, was one of the most forward-thinking and influential men on the faculty in sociology at the University of Chicago in the 1890s. Henderson graduated from the old University of Chicago in 1870, and for nineteen years he was a pastor, first in Terre Haute, Indiana, and then in Detroit, Michigan. He established a Department of Practical Sociology in the School of Divinity as well as held a full professorship in the Department of Sociology. Henderson was one of the four Pierce Tower Houses (floors five and six) before moving to New Grad in the Autumn of 2013. Pierce was formally an all-male dormitory and Henderson House was the last of the Pierce Houses to succumb to coed living. Henderson House has a penchant for documenting the history of the House and regularly submits documents and information to Special Collections at Regenstein Library.

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Resident Staff

Brock Huebner, Resident Assistant
Mary Simmons, Resident Head
Joseph Simmons, Resident Head

Residence Hall Map

1307 E. 60th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 702-4000

Getting Around

A five-minute walk to the House Tables at Cathey Dining Commons, on the campus bus routes, and a ten minute walk to the Harper Quad.

Total Hall Residents: 200

Room Arrangements

Mostly double rooms, 10’ X 15’.

New Graduate Residence Hall Sample Room Floor Plan


  • Study rooms
  • Exercise room
  • Music room
  • Media room