Midway House


  • Superbowl party
  • Trips to sushi restaurants around the city
  • Curated film and movie showings
  • Throwing the RA in Botany Pond


Midway House residents enjoy living in a modern residence hall with wonderful common spaces for gathering and studying.  The second floor movie screening room is a large part of House unity and is used frequently.  You can find many students hanging out in the space during the 3 different movie events held every week! The RH’s also often make their huge collection of movies available for residents to check out. Movies are just the beginning of the things to do at Midway. Participation in IM sports is common with a particular affinity for broomball and inner tube water polo. The wide, long corridors of New Grad create a distinct ‘hallway culture’ for Midway students to study, socialize, and contribute to the House’s tight-knit community. Residents are often noted for being politically active and engaged. In the past Midway House will host ballroom dance lessons in the lobby and then invite the House in Broadview for a traditional ‘dance’. The House also has access to the large, communal kitchen on the second floor, which was used recently to create the popular lamb burger study break.  College students in Midway House live in single or double rooms, each room with its own private bathroom.


Midway House is has approximately 72 students located exclusively on the third floor of New Graduate Residence Hall.  This building previously served the graduate student population in a relatively small community, but in 2013 ‘New Grad’ became home to undergraduates across all 3 floors.  After the success of integrating the College students of Midway House into New Graduate Residence Hall in 2011-12, Midway House will continue their tradition of developing a strong, tight-knit community as they welcome Tufts and Henderson Houses to the building.

Resident Staff

Stephanie Champi, Resident Assistant
Jason Hopkins, Resident Head
Elizabeth Hopkins, Resident Head

Residence Hall Map

1307 E. 60th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 702-4000

Getting Around

A five-minute walk to the House Tables at Cathey Dining Commons, on the campus bus routes, and a ten minute walk to the Harper Quad.

Total Hall Residents: 200

Room Arrangements

Mostly double rooms, 10’ X 15’.

New Graduate Residence Hall Sample Room Floor Plan


  • Study rooms
  • Exercise room
  • Music room
  • Media room