Tufts House


  • House potlucks every quarter
  • Carbo loading for Finals
  • Sports Frolic
  • Tufts House Fantasy Sports Cup
  • Tea Time with the RHs in Winter


Tufts House is a diverse community of students. They play intramural sports, watch movies and play video games in their House Lounge, and eat their way through the city of Chicago. Tufts residents share meals at their House Table, play late night games of soccer on the Midway and attend one another’s art, dance, music, and dramatic performances. Tufts sells “Where Fun Comes to Die” t-shirts and make tons of money for great events. They’re Tufts House and they’re proud to be one of the self-proclaimed best Houses on campus!


Tufts House is named after James H. Tufts who was among the most important pragmatic social philosophers before WW II. He formulated a comprehensive moral, social, and political philosophy defending liberal and progressive democracy. As part of a team with John Dewey, his early work concentrated on the origin, evolution, and function of morality and the democratic principles of both political and economic justice. Tufts was one of the four Pierce Tower Houses (floors three and four) before moving to New Grad in the Autumn of 2013.

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Resident Staff

Mark Saddler, Resident Assistant
Marcos Gouvea, Resident Head
Devin Gouvea, Resident Head

Residence Hall Map

1307 E. 60th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 702-4000

Getting Around

A five-minute walk to the House Tables at Cathey Dining Commons, on the campus bus routes, and a ten minute walk to the Harper Quad.

Total Hall Residents: 200

Room Arrangements

Mostly double rooms, 10’ X 15’.

New Graduate Residence Hall Sample Room Floor Plan


  • Study rooms
  • Exercise room
  • Music room
  • Media room