Tufts House

Traditions (Things we do)

  • Whirly Ball in O-week
  • Service Auction
  • Correspondents Dinner
  • Where Fun Comes to Die t-shirt sales
  • Smash
  • Lunar New Year dinner
  • Gift Exchange(s)
  • "Tea and Toddler" visits with the RHs
  • Tufts Takes Cabaret night
  • Sports Frolic
  • Biceps

Culture (Who we are)

Tufts owns the patent on the world famous WHERE FUN COMES TO DIE shirt. (We own the shirt, but we don't live by it!) Shirt sales are fun and profitable house pass time, often funding subsidies for student led trips or end of year dinners. The house supports its members' service in the community through a Service Auction that raises money exclusively to fund volunteer work and charitable giving. Celebrating the Lunar New Year with a homemade feast has become a cherished recent tradition. And any night you want it, Smash is waiting for you in the Trophy Room (or as it is affectionately known: the Trohpy Room) where we keep records of the Feats of Tufts.

Tufts has a number of seasonal traditions. Each fall Tufts Takes Cabaret, the campus-wide student performance venue, and takes up every slot of the night with current and former residents. We have an annual formal Correspondents' Dinner where the first years can get to know the upperclassmen. In the Winter we compete in grand tradition of Sports Frolic (see below). We usually take a camping trip in the spring to the Indiana Dunes. And at the end of every quarter, we walk, bike, run, board, or teleport down the Lakeshore path to the Bean in Millenium Park.

Tufts has a storied identity that it cherishes. Our house keeps alive the memory of our former home, the Pierce Tower, by keeping up contact with the houses that shared it with us. They wrecked our home, but no sweat--we are camping out in New Grad till they finish building our new digs up north. We remember that we won Sports Frolic--the annual epic battle and foofurah between former Pierce Houses and friends--four out of the last five times, and were only prevented from continuing the streak last year on a last minute tie-breaker. And as we look to taking on a new name next year, the house looks to keep memories intact that will define a new legacy.

Tufts has room for all--we're the sort of house that can win IM coed football (with the loudest fans on the block) and IM Quidditch in the same year. Some say Tufts House just happens to draw the attractive, winning and altogether humble part of the student body. We prefer to think of it as DESTINY.


Tufts House was founded in Pierce House and named after pragmatist do-gooder and philosopher James H. Tufts.

Tufts is one of toughest, buffest, no doubt-about-ust houses on campus. We hold NO RULES and have the biceps to prove it!

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Resident Staff

Mark Saddler, Resident Assistant
Marcos Gouvea, Resident Head
Devin Gouvea, Resident Head

Residence Hall Map

1307 E. 60th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 702-4000

Getting Around

A five-minute walk to the House Tables at Cathey Dining Commons, on the campus bus routes, and a ten minute walk to the Harper Quad.

Total Hall Residents: 200

Room Arrangements

Mostly double rooms, 10’ X 15’.

New Graduate Residence Hall Sample Room Floor Plan


  • Study rooms
  • Exercise room
  • Music room
  • Media room