Room Assignments

Our goal is to create housing and roommate matches that help support the success of every student. We house as many students as possible in a residence hall they preference; however, there are buildings where the demand exceeds the number of spaces available. In these cases, students who have requested a particular residence hall will not be able to receive their preferred assignment.  In these cases we do our best to fulfill other requests that a student made on the application, and as always, we aim to achieve a strong roommate match. Historically, we have learned that the overwhelming majority of students find that they are happy in the House in whatever residence hall they are assigned.

Room assignments are intentionally and thoughtfully made so that every House includes a diverse population of college students. This diversity is reflected across academic and extracurricular interests, the home states and countries of incoming students, as well as race and religion. We do not have theme or interest housing but each House has its own individual traditions that make each special in its own rights.

Consider Your Preferences

Students from every House will share with you the advantages of their particular community, from building type, location and size, to traditions and culture. Among the factors to consider when selecting your housing preferences are whether you prefer living alone or with a roommate, whether it is important that you and your roommate keep a similar schedule, and whether you prefer a roommate who’s generally neat or more carefree with their organization.

First-year students interested in a single room might consider Burton-Judson and International House as they are primarily single-room residence halls. There are traditionally fewer than twenty single room spaces for freshmen in Snell-Hitchcock and Granville-Grossman Residential Commons and these residence halls will have mostly double rooms available to first-year students. First year students assigned to Max Palevsky will be housed in double suites. Stony Island is comprised of apartments, where students typically share a bedroom with one other person.

Single-Sex Options

All of the Houses are co-ed; a few have single-sex floors. If it is important for you to live on an all-male or all-female floor, please make your preference very clear on your housing application.

Bathrooms in the Houses

  • There are three communal bathroom options available in each House: men, women, and all gender. Students may use the communal bathroom that is consistent with their gender identity.

  • Residence Halls with in-suite bathrooms or apartment units do not have gender designations.

  • Some communities (not all) may also have single-user bathrooms. Single-user bathrooms do not have gender designations.

First-Come, First-Served

Students are entered into the housing assignment queue based on the date of payment of their enrollment deposit. The overwhelming majority of students find that they are happy in the House to which they are assigned. Those who are not may work with their Resident Heads and the staff in the Housing & Residence Life office to arrange to move during the room-change period after the Autumn quarter has begun.


We make room and roommate assignments without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality or ethnic origin, age, disability, or other factors prohibited by law.

Just as we believe that all Houses should include a cross section of students from the University, we also believe that students benefit from living with roommates who are in some ways different from themselves. The information you provide on your housing application will be of great assistance as we try to match you with a compatible roommate. In order to help us make roommate assignments, please thoughtfully answer the questions on your application. We will try to match you with a student whose daily living habits are compatible with yours and who shares some common interests with you. It is also possible for first year students to be assigned to live with an upperclass roommate(s), although we try to avoid this whenever possible.

Please complete the roommate information questions even if you are requesting a single room. While a portion of the incoming class will be assigned to a single room, the majority of incoming students will be assigned to live with a roommate.

If you already know the student with whom you wish to room, list their name on your application. Please note: If you request a specific person, that person must also request you or the match will not be made. These roommate requests should have the same three buildings as preferences. The assignment will be made when applications have been received from both potential roommates and according to the date of payment of the enrollment deposit of the later of the two dates. A request for a roommate is viewed as a higher priority than a request for a particular residence hall.

Most students prefer to communicate with their roommate(s) upon receiving their room assignment in August. To that end, the information we share with your roommate is your name and University of Chicago email address.

The deadline for making or changing roommate and building requests is June 1.