Safety & Transportation


UChicago is committed to the safety and security of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors to campus. Only residents of a particular residence hall may enter that residence hall by tapping their UChicago ID card on the black lock pad. All other guests have to show a photo ID and be signed in at the front desk. Residents are asked to display their UChicago ID card to the front desk clerk as they enter the building. We ask for students to assist in maintaining the security of the buildings by not allowing individuals who are not their guests to enter behind them, to close all doors tightly (no propping), to lock their bedroom door, and report any suspicious activity to the front desk.

Living in an urban environment, students are encouraged to use "common sense" when traveling around the Hyde Park neighborhood and greater city of Chicago.  For more information about safe urban living, please read our campus safety publication, Common Sense.



The 7 residence halls are located throughout campus. All residence halls are serviced within one block by the campus transportation systems - the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) buses that operate during the day, and the NightRide shuttles that run during the evening/late night.  UChicago students may ride the three dedicated campus routes (171 and 172) at no charge by displaying their UChicago ID card.  The NightRide shuttles are also free with UChicago ID.  For schedules and other campus transportation information, please click here.

For more information vist the Transportation and Parking Services website.