Air Conditioning

All of the Housing & Residence Life Residence Halls are heated and all are air conditioned except our most historic buildings:  Burton-Judson, International House, and Snell-Hictchcock. The heating and cooling systems within our Residence Halls can not operate concurrently nor can we switch between the heating and cooling systems except seasonally.  Residents should not expect air-conditioning beyond October 1 or before May 15.  

Should a current student, or an incoming student, require year- round air conditioning due to a disability, the student must seek an accomodation with the Student Disability Services Office.  

Please note the Disbility Accomodations Policies and Regulations for students may be found here:

If the Student Disability Services Office approves the accomodation for air conditioning, Housing & Residence Life will provide and install an air conditioning unit.