• Residents are responsible for damages, missing furniture and additional cleaning in their rooms upon moving out and checking out of their room. Residents have to be certain to return the Room Condition Report given to them when they register at the Hall upon moving in; they will not receive their mailbox combination or mailbox key until they have turned the Room Condition Report in to the front desk.
  • If more than one person is assigned to the room, charges will be split equally among the residents unless particular individuals take full responsibility for the condition. Charges will be based upon the cost to replace or repair any item. Residents should be sure to fill out a Room Condition Report immediately upon moving in to insure that they will not be charged for damages existing prior to their arrival.
  • Damages that occur in the common spaces of a particular House will be charged to that House. A bill will be given to the Resident Head(s) who will discuss the problem with the residents and insure prompt payment. In residence halls with more than one House, damages in common spaces are the responsibility of all residents. A bill for such damages will be given to the hall council for payment.
  • University property may not be removed from common areas. There is a minimum charge of $25.00 for the misuse of hall furniture. In addition, student room furniture cannot be relocated from a student room – that is – all student room furniture must remain in the room at all times.
  • Upon check out, all residents are responsible for returning the room furniture to the same condition and layout as was found upon moving in. One exception: beds that have been bunked may remain bunked. Individually adjustable beds must be set no higher than midpoint. Charges will be assessed to rearrange the furniture or to adjust bed heights.
  • Students have to leave their room “broom clean” upon checking out – including the removal of all trash. Failure to leave their room clean and clear of trash will result in fines.