• U.S. Mail is delivered to the residence halls once each day, Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays. Faculty Exchange (inter-department mail) makes one pick-up and delivery per day, Monday through Friday, at all halls except Stony Island (US. Mail must be used for this building).
  • In order for mail to be properly delivered to Housing & Residence Life residents it has to include a student’s complete, legal name (no nicknames), and a complete address including their room number. If mail is received that does not match the name that the University has on file, it may be returned to sender.
  • Only pre-approved official University announcements, publications, and mailings will be placed in student mailboxes. Leaflets and announcements distributed by student organizations will not be placed in student mailboxes unless they are addressed by name and room number.
  • Desk Clerks will not accept packages C.O.D.
  • During the summer recess, the residence halls will forward first class mail only – for up to six months. In order to receive forwarded first class mail. students have to leave a forwarding address at the front desk of their building at the time that they check-out of the building.
  • Packages, magazines and newspapers are not forwarded. They will be returned to sender.
  • Forwarding mail requests by students in Stony Island should be submitted directly to one of the local post offices.
  • All first class mail for which no forwarding address is available will be returned to sender. Second and third class mail will not be forwarded during the summer. If residents wish to receive magazines and other second and third class mail over the summer, they have to notify the senders of their new address four to six weeks in advance, as such mail is not forwarded.
  • If residents experience a problem with their mail – it’s missing or damaged – they should submit a work order in HouseNet and report the issue to their RH.