Overnight Guests

  • Housing & Residence Life guest procedures are based on the premise that residents of The Houses ought to be able to have occasional personal guests in the residence halls, when space is available, under reasonable limitations that protect the rights of roommates and the interests of the University community. Anyone who is not a regularly assigned resident of a room is considered a guest. Residents may not host guests overnight in their room without the consent of all assigned residents of the room.
  • Approved guests may not remain for more than three nights in a student room without prior approval of the Housing & Residence Life staff.
  • Guests are expected to register with the front desk upon their arrival (showing a state or some other appropriate ID), and may only be in the building in the presence of their host. They are to be escorted at all times and are not to receive keys or access to the building or other spaces.
  • Guests are expected to follow all University and Housing & Residence Life rules and regulations.
  • Parents visiting students on campus during the academic year should secure suitable hotel accommodations for overnight visits. Residence Hall rooms are not suitable for visiting parents; this includes apartments which are more spacious but shared with other students. The presence of parents for any extended length of time in a residence hall can be a source of uneasiness and discomfort among student residents. Consequently, no parent may stay overnight in a residence hall.