Trunk rooms are available in each residence hall.  These are shared spaces for the entire building.  Although these spaces are available to all students, they often fill to capacity during peak periods, such as late spring quarter through early fall quarter. Once capacity for these rooms has been reached, residents will be unable to store any [more] items. 

To best accommodate as many students as possible, the following guidelines apply:

  1. Only five boxes are permitted per student each academic year.    
  2. One of the five boxes may be exchanged for a micro-fridge unit/cubic refrigerator.  The unit must be completely defrosted, clean and dry before being stored. 
  3. Stony Island & Campus North Residential Commons have individual storage cages. All items must fit within the cage. Students must secure their items with a lock, which is not provided.
  4. Students changing halls between one academic year and the next must store their items in their future assigned hall, rather than current hall.
  5. All items must be stored in a box, bin, or suitcase (except micro-fridge units and cubic refrigerators). Boxes may be purchased at several local retailers, including Hyde Park Self Storage & Office Depot
  6. Bicycles and furniture cannot be stored in the trunk room. Bicycles may be stored in designated bike storage rooms.                                                                            
  7. All items must be clearly labeled with pink University-provided tags prior to being stored. Tags may be obtained at each hall's front desk. Items without pink tags, items with tags that left beyond one academic year  and items left outside of trunk rooms will be disposed.
  8. Students storing items for the summer months or prior to leaving to study abroad must have a housing contract on file for the next quarter/academic year.

Please Note: Storage space is limited and not guaranteed. Once all storage space in a hall has been exhausted, the trunk room will be closed and no further items will be accepted. 

When transporting items to trunk rooms, use due care, so as not to damage walls and stairs. Housing & Residence Life does not provide assistance with moving items to trunk rooms. In most halls, trunk rooms are generally accessible Monday-Friday, 9 AM - 4 PM by visiting the hall front desk. Expanded hours during the end of each quarter will be posted. Students are strongly advised to secure property insurance that covers items in storage - the University assumes no responsibility for items stored on-campus. 

Once trunk rooms become full or as an alternative to on-campus storage, below are off-campus storage retailers: