Residents may make local and domestic long-distance phonecalls for no charge. Making international long-distance calls from your residence hall room phone requires an Authcode (authorization code) or a calling card. Authcodes are assigned through the cMore site. After logging in, go to the Telecommunication Services section where you can order, replace, and manage your account. The University Authcode identifies you as the caller for billing purposes. It is important to protect the confidentiality of your Authcode since you are responsible for all charges incurred by its use.

For students, a monthly itemized statement of the phone calls made with your Authcode is available on the myUChicago site. This statement is not a bill. Your total phone charges will be included in your next tuition and fees bill produced by the Bursar’s Office and will be due by the date stated on this bill. Nonpayment of phone service charges will result in academic restrictions.