House Associate Member Program

Associate Membership in the Houses is a privilege that is available to currently enrolled College students (may not be on a leave of absence, studying abroad, or a recent graduate) who have previously lived in the Houses. The purpose of the program is to encourage students to maintain a continuing affiliation with the House in which they originally lived and to participate in the House programs and activities around which so much of College life revolves. Associate Members privileges vary from House to House but primarily include invitation to take part in House programs and to be admitted to the House without a host if the Member has a current Associate Member card (Associate Members must still show their UChicago ID to desk clerks, along with their Associate Member card and signed in – the difference is that they do not require a host.). Associate Members are not permitted use of building services and facilities such as the computer rooms, laundry facilities, mail services, kitchens, or storage areas since these services are maintained by the room charges paid by resident students. Associate Members may not sign in their own guests. Associate Members are permitted to participate on the official House intramural athletic teams.

Associate Members must be registered with Housing & Residence Life in order to take advantage of privileges and must have their Associate Member card with them when wanting to exercise those privileges.

Qualifications for Associate Members 

The student must be someone who previously lived in the House. A student may not be an Associate Member of one House if he or she is living in another House. Procedures for selection and approval vary from House to House although in most cases Associate Members are selected by the House. Final approval is always given by the Resident Heads.

Associate Membership Registration Process 

Resident Heads have to submit a list of approved Associate Members to Housing & Residence Life which includes the Associate Member’s first and last name, student ID number, and current off-campus address. Housing & Residence Life will prepare Associate Member cards and will distribute the card to the appropriate Resident Head.   A copy of the list will be sent to the Residence Hall Manager to be kept on record by the hall desk staff. Qualified students may be added once a quarter during the academic year. 


Associate Membership needs to be renewed each academic year in order to have current Associate Member privileges and the correct membership card.

Associate Membership may be revoked at any time should the Associate Member violate Housing & Residence Life or University policies.