Housing Contract Petition

In general, petitions to withdraw from the College Housing room and board contract from students who are not leaving the University are not granted except for very strong and compelling reasons. The University interprets this policy quite strictly because the residence halls are operated on a self-sustaining basis. When there are vacancies in the Houses, the cost of operation of the residence halls and dining commons must be borne by fewer students.

A student who is considering this outcome will first be asked to make an appointment to meet with the Associate Director for Administration to learn more about the process and timeline, and so that the Associate Director can explore their concerns further in order to determine if there are alternate methods of resolving the student's concern.  At the conclusion of that meeting the student will be provided with a Room and Board Petition form. A petition to be released from the housing contract requires substantial documentation to support the claims and is only granted for cases of extreme personal or financial exigency that have arisen after the contract was entered into. Reasons that are not sufficient include finding a cheaper place to live off campus or going to a part-time status. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Housing Contract for more detailed information.

RHs are asked to sign the petition. The RH signature indicates an acknowledgement on the part of the RH that he/she has read and reviewed the student’s reasons for wanting to break the contract. It does not indicate approval or disapproval.

It takes about 2 weeks for a decision to be rendered once all the documentation has been submitted. If a petition to cancel one’s housing contract is approved, the board contract is automatically canceled as well. (Students may sign up for a meal plan as an off campus student if they wish after they move out.)

The student who does not withdraw from the University and who wishes to be released from his/her room and board contract will not be required to demonstrate extraordinary financial or personal exigency if the student can produce an eligible replacement who will take a contract in College Housing. The replacement will not be given the same housing assignment as the person who is seeking to be released from the contract. An eligible replacement is minimally defined as a student registered at the University who does not reside in College Housing, who does not have an application on file for College Housing, who does not hold any other housing contract or lease with another department of the University (i.e. International House or Residential Properties), is in good standing with College Housing, and who can assume the contract for the entire academic year, or remainder thereof, whichever is applicable. The student who wishes to be released from this contract must bring the eligible replacement to the College Housing office. If positive arrangements can be made to assign a contract to the eligible replacement, the contract will be terminated for the student seeking release. No cancellation fee will be assessed. If positive arrangements cannot be made, the student seeking release will be held to the full terms of his/her room and board contract including full payment of all charges.