Posting Policy for Campus Offices and Departments

From time to time your office/department may wish to advertise programs or events that you are holding on campus, to College students living in the residence halls. One way to do so is to provide flyers to Resident Heads in the College Houses so that they may post them around their hallways. We have a process in place that works quite well for controlling the quantity of flyers that RHs are given to post in their Houses, which helps to reduce waste and encourage the timely posting of materials.

We will accept for distribution to the Resident Heads flyers that announce programs or events that are affiliated with a University department or an academic program. We will not accept for distribution flyers that announce Registered Student Organization events. With the number of students who belong to RSOs also living in the residence halls, we hope and expect that gaining access to the public bulletin boards in each building will not pose a problem for these groups.

The schedule we will follow with respect to distributing flyers is as follows:

  • Flyers for distribution should be delivered in person (not through FacEx) Monday – Thursday.
  • Please bring to our office 38 flyers for each event you are wishing to advertise.
  • A College Housing staff member will briefly review the flyer.
  • We will provide you with a grey envelope that we use to distribute flyers to Resident Heads.
  • We will ask for the person from your office who delivered the flyer to place one flyer in each envelope (ultimately the housing staff may receive flyers from multiple offices at the same time in one envelope).
  • We will place the flyers for the Resident Heads in their mail for pick-up on Fridays.

By utilizing this systematic way of distributing advertising for campus events we do a better job of advertising your events, and help streamline the process for Resident Heads.

Any questions should be sent to