General Waitlist FAQ


Special rules for incoming students.

Incoming students may complete a General Waitlist form during Orientation Week, however, incoming students will not join the established queue until the first day of classes of Autumn Quarter (after Orientation Week). At that time, College Housing will randomize the General Waitlist forms that have been submitted by incoming first year and transfer students to determine their priority in the larger queue.

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What happens next?

There is a freeze on room changes for the first three weeks of Autumn quarter. Once we begin making room offers in week four, if you are the next person in the queue for an available space and the available space matches one of your preferences, we will offer you the space and you will have 48 hours to accept or decline.

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What if I want to change my General Waitlist preferences?

If you want to change the order of your original preferences or change the room type of your original preferences, you may do so without losing your place in the queue. These updates must be made by you in writing (email is fine).

If you want to add a new House or a new hall to your preferences, you must complete a separate, additional General Waitlist request form. The original form will remain in its original place, and the second one will join the queue in the order it was received.

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What happens to my request if I get offered my second or third choice?

You will remain on this waitlist until your highest preference is met, unless you specifically request otherwise in writing.

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Can I turn down an offer to move?

Yes. If you turn down an offer that matches your highest preference, you will be removed from the General Waitlist. If you turn down an offer that matches a lower preference, you will remain on the waitlist for your higher preference(s), unless you notify us otherwise.

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What happens to my room and board charges?

  • Upperclass (2nd, 3rd, and 4th years) and Transfer students pay the room rate that corresponds to the room type – single, double, apartment.
  • Upperclass (2nd, 3rd, 4th) and Transfer students – If your meal plan is incompatible with the eligibility requirements of your new housing assignment, your meal plan will be changed to the default for your new room type, which can raise the overall cost of the meal plan for that quarter.
  • First year students pay the same room and board rate regardless of the room type.

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What happens to my in-House seniority?

When you move, you gain seniority for every quarter that you live in your new House, including the quarter that you move in. You do not retain or carry-over any seniority from your former House. If you move during Winter or Spring quarter, you will have accumulated fewer quarters in your new House than students who have lived in the House since Autumn quarter which will impact in-House seniority during the Spring Lottery for the following academic year.

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When does the General Waitlist close?

During the last three weeks of Autumn and Winter quarters, the General Waitlist freezes while each House offers vacant spaces to its own residents in preparation for end-of-quarter room changes.

The General Waitlist closes for the year on the Friday of the first week of Spring quarter. Vacant spaces will continue to be offered to students on the General Waitlist through the Wednesday of second week of Spring quarter. Room Changes are not permitted after the Monday of third week of Spring quarter.

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