Graduating Students

Spring Convocation

All residence halls will close at 3 PM on the Friday of Spring Quarter finals week to all undergraduates who are not participating in Convocation that Saturday. Students who are graduating or participating in Convocation will be able to remain in the Houses until 12 noon that Sunday. We hope this additional time will add to the enjoyment of the Convocation ceremonies and make the departure from campus as easy as possible.

From 3 PM on Friday until 12 noon on Sunday, we use specific procedures (similar to those used during break periods) to promote a safe and secure environment during a time when relatively few residents are residing in the halls. They are as follows:

  1. Please share your date and time of expected check out with your Resident Head by Wednesday of finals week as an accurate list of those persons who will be staying after 3 PM on Friday is needed for visitor control/front desk staff to use in admitting people to the building.
  2. You should plan to remove your belongings from building storage before 11 AM on the Friday the halls close. The storage rooms are not typically accessible after that time (and access to stored items would be very difficult because of the items moved in by students who are required to depart by 3 PM on Friday). If you do not remove your items from storage before Friday morning it may be impossible to access the items you placed in storage earlier this year.
  3. The residence halls will close for the summer at 12 noon on Sunday. Please plan your time during Senior Week appropriately so that you are able to move out and complete your final check out accordingly.
  4. You must continue to tap your ID when entering the building between Friday and Sunday.
  5. After 3 PM on Friday, no more than four guests who are not members of your family can visit at any one time. You must continue to meet your guests in the lobby. You may not have any overnight guests and may not allow non-graduating residents to store luggage or stay overnight in your room.
  6. Parties are not permitted. You are welcome to have friends and family in small, peaceful gatherings in your rooms.

If you have questions or concerns about checking out of the residence hall, please contact your RH or RA.

Please know that if our office is notified by the Dean of Students office that your graduation will be postponed and you will not be graduating on Saturday, then you will be expected to checkout by 3 PM on Friday as all non-graduating students are expected to do.

Move-Out Extensions

Non-graduating students who have extenuating circumstances that preclude them from being able to move out by the above day/time must submit a move-out extension request. The deadline to submit requests was Friday, May 12. No late applications will be reviewed. College Housing & Residential Services will review all extension requests and email decisions on Friday, May 19. Students approved for an extension will be required to move out no later than 3 PM on Saturday, June 10. Extensions beyond this deadline cannot be accommodated.