Part-Time Students

Permission to Remain in Housing while a Part-time Student

Only graduating students in their last term of enrollment may be part-time status. If a student chooses to go to a part-time status, they have to petition to remain in housing because of this status change – going part-time is not a way for people to automatically be released from their contract.

A student who has filed paperwork with the College to go to a part-time status needs to also come to College Housing to pick up a Permission to Remain in Housing while Part-Time form. This form needs to be completed by the student, signed by their RHs, and returned to College Housing. It can take up to two (2) weeks for a decision to be communicated to the student.

RHs are also asked to sign this form to keep them in the loop and to talk with the student about what it will mean to have more time on their hands while in the House when everyone else will be busy. The goal here is to ensure that having a part-time student in the House is not a distraction to the rest of the community who are full-time students.