Room Changes

Room changes are permitted in College Housing at several points during each academic year.  During the first three weeks of the autumn quarter there is a freeze on room changes in order to allow all students to arrive and settle into their assignment as well as time for our office to complete many administrative tasks related to opening.  Beginning the fourth week, if vacancies exist, room change opportunities are offered.

When a student moves out of a space, any remaining students in the sapce are permitted 48 hours to find another student to "pull-in" to their room.  If they do not find another student, then the space is offered up to the House for others to consider bidding on the spaces.  All room changes within a House are governed by the seniority one has in a House.  The longer one has lived in a House, the greater their seniority.

Rooms that are not claimed 'in-house' are then offered to students in order of the General Waitlist.