Quarters in the House followed by quarters in the College determine seniority. (Summer quarters are not counted for calculating seniority in the College.) Priority for winning a room in an In-House Lottery when multiple people bid on a space is based on a student’s In-House seniority.

Special accrual rules apply to the following groups of students:

UChicago Study Abroad Participants

Students who have studied abroad on a University of Chicago affiliated program for one quarter accrue seniority in their former House while away as long as they return to their former House the quarter immediately succeeding their quarter abroad, or try to, but can’t because there are no vacancies.

Leave of Absence & Non-UChicago Study Abroad Program Participants

Students who resume classes after a leave of absence and who returned to their former House may maintain House seniority (which includes the quarter they departed if they departed after the first week of said quarter), but the number of quarters they were away is subtracted from this seniority. Thus, someone with four (4) quarters in the House, after taking a LOA for one (1) quarter, would resume their housing with three (3) quarters of seniority in the House. They do maintain their previous quarters in the College, not including their quarter(s) away. If a student takes a leave in the middle of a quarter, they can still count that quarter as being in the House/College.

Off-Campus Students

Students who have moved back into housing after living off-campus do not maintain any House seniority from their quarters in housing prior to moving off campus.

Transfer Students

  • In-House Lotteries (not the one in May) – For their first year at UChicago they count like first year students for all In-House lotteries (same number of quarters in the House and College as the first years)
  • Spring Lottery – They get a “bump” above first year students during the May Lotteries of their first year only (same number of quarters in the House and College as the first years, but listed above them on the In-House seniority list)