Resident Staff

Resident Masters

Resident Masters, drawn from the senior faculty ranks, live in the six largest residence halls and strive to make the intellectual life of the University and the cultural life of Chicago part of the daily lives of their student residents. Resident Masters organize a rich program of social and cultural events that may include guest lectures and discussions with luminaries from all corners of University and public life, dinners, residence hall special events, and outings to the symphony, theater, opera or sporting events. Resident Masters are appointed by the Dean of the College.

Resident Heads (RHs)

Resident Heads live in the College Houses where they have direct, daily contact with College students. Each House has a Resident Head; most Houses have Resident Head couples. They live in the halls year-round, and many have children and/or pets. As active participants in House life, they assist undergraduates in developing residential communities that provide an environment conducive to serious study, rest, recreation and the development of healthy human relations. They offer adult guidance and support to individual students, and serve as responsible stewards of their House community. Additionally, Resident Heads, in collaboration with elected student House Councils, plan and carry out a variety of stimulating intellectual, cultural, recreational, social, and informational activities.

Resident Heads are individuals or couples who have a primary connection to the University as a faculty member, advanced graduate student pursuing the Ph.D. or a professional degree, or an administrative staff member.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

RAs are 3rd or 4th year upperclass students. Each House has at least one RA, although larger Houses may have two. RAs assist the Resident Heads, host study breaks and movie nights, organize House trips, and provide a friendly ear to residents. Many RAs have been active in campus life and can suggest advisers, popular courses and faculty, campus resources, and extracurricular opportunities suited to newer residents’ interests.