Student Leadership

Inter-House Council (IHC)

IHC is the representative body for residents of the Houses. The Inter-House Council (IHC) is a group of students composed of a nine person Executive Committee, a representative from each House in the system, and a Student Government representative. IHC members are student leaders who advise Housing & Residence Life on a range of policy and programming issues presented by the administration, staff, or students. Students from the IHC sit on University committees due to their access to information about the desires of the undergraduate population living in the residence halls. The standing advisory committees include:

  • Campus Dining Advisory Board (CDAB)
    CDAB is comprised of appointed student representatives from IHC and SG.  They provide feedback and guidance about decisions regarding dining on campus – the residential dining commons, as well as the campus markets and cafes.  CDAB meets 2-3 times per quarter, sometimes more depending on the decisions that are in need of making.  
  • Transportation and Security Advisory Board (TSAB)
    The Transportation and Security Advisory Board, chaired by representatives from Student Government (SG) provides a channel for students to continually evaluate campus transportation and security systems. Students work with Transportation and Parking Administration on a variety of issues including the NightRide program, daytime shuttles and CTA routes. The group meets approximately two times per quarter.
  • Housing Facilities Advisory Board (HSFAC)
    HSFAC is comprised of four appointed student representatives from IHC. They provide feedback and guidance about residence hall building facility and operations issues and concerns.  HSFAC meets 2-3 times per quarter.  

In the past, ad-hoc committees have included the Gender Neutral Housing (Open Housing) Committee, the Lottery Booklet Committee, and the Study Abroad Committee.

IHC sponsors several events throughout the year to help strengthen community, and competition, amongst the College Houses. These events range from Tug-of-War during Homecoming Weekend, to a campus-wide ice cream social, to the Roommate Game with the final being played at Summer Breeze each May.

IHC meets every Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. in the South Lounge of the Reynold’s Club. Please visit the IHC website for more information.

Housing Activities Resources Council (HARC)

The purpose of HARC is to disburse funds to events that promote social interaction between residence halls. HARC was created by Housing & Residence Life to subsidize events involving two or more Houses from different residence halls. HARC board representatives are chosen from each Hall Council. HARC meets every week to hear, discuss, and vote on proposals for funding. Students planning events with opportunity for involvement from different residence halls are encouraged to apply for HARC funding.

HARC proposals are submitted electronically. Students must apply for HARC funding at least two weeks before the date of the event. After the deadline, students who still wish to propose must receive consent from the President. Please visit the HARC website for more information and to review the HARC handbook.

House and Residence Hall Councils

Each year or quarter, students elect House and/or Hall Councils to oversee event planning, fundraising, HARC trips, and discussion of important House/Hall issues. Most Houses have a weekly House meeting, used to inform students of current events, present items discussed in IHC meetings, and discuss concerns raised by House residents. House Councils are advised by the Resident Heads (RHs) and supported by the RAs.

Residence Halls with several Houses assemble Hall Councils. These Councils work with the Resident Deans to plan events, and review issues relevant to residents of the hall. Along with an executive council, representatives are elected from each House. These representatives may also serve on their own House Councils.