The Inter-House Council

About Us

Inter-House Council (IHC) is a student representative body composed of a nine-person student Executive Committee and a representative from each House in UChicago’s housing system. The group is connected to Housing & Residence Life and is overseen by the Senior Associate Director of Residence Life.

At weekly meetings, these students come together to discuss topics related directly to students who live in the housing system, including dining, housing, facilities, transportation, and security. Additionally, IHC coordinates several social and philanthropic events throughout the year in order to promote inter-house community-building. IHC representatives act as open lines of communication between Housing & Residence Life and their individual Houses, as well as civic leaders within their House communities. Students from IHC sit on several University committees due to their access to information about the interests of the undergraduate population living in the Houses.

The Inter-House Council general assembly meetings are at 6:00pm in the Baker Private Dining Room of the Baker Dining Commons (come have dinner with the Executive Committe at 5:30pm) on Tuesdays from 1st to 10th weeks. They are not open to the general public. Please contact the IHC President if you wish to attend or have an item placed on the agenda. Please contact the president by noon on the Friday prior to the meeting.


IHC sends representatives to several standing University-wide committees and additional committees or working groups as requested. The standing committees are the Campus Dining Advisory Board (CDAB), the Transportation and Security Advisory Board (TSAB), and the Housing and Facilities Advisory Board (HSFAC, also called House-Fac). Additionally, our internal Social and Philanthropy Committee (SPC) helps IHC present itself to the Housing community and the University as a whole by organizing inter-house events.

Emma Van Lieshout heads the Dining Committee and represents the interests of Inter-House Council to the Campus Dining Advisory Board (CDAB).

Don Harmon leads the Transportation and Security Committe and represents Inter-House Council on the Transportation and Security Advisory Board (TSAB).

Paul Severino chairs the Housing and Facilities Committee (House-Fac) for Inter-House Council.

Sarah Portwood & Emmanuel Sosa-Cruz are the Co-Chairs of the Inter-House Council Social and Philanthropy Committee (SPC).

William Liu is the Chair of the IHC Finance Committee and serves as the HARC Chair.

Are you interested in becoming your House’s representative to IHC? Then you’ll have to run for the position in your House’s Elections, which typically take place first or second week of Fall Quarter during a House meeting.

As an IHC Rep, you will have the opportunity to:

Substantially contribute to Housing & Residence Life programs and policies
Advocate on behalf of your house before Housing & Residence Life administrators
Bring your House into contact with other houses and the greater UChicago Community
Meet passionate, civically-minded student such as yourself
And much, much more!
Weekly meetings take place on Tuesdays from 6:00-7:00 PM in the Private Dining Room in the Baker Dining Commons (optional dinner at 5:30 pm with the Executive Committee). Please keep this in mind when weighing your other commitments!

If you have any questions, feel free to email IHC President Renee Radusewicz at

Executive Committee

Renee Radusewicz – 3rd Year, Halperin House

The President of Inter-House Council serves as a facilitator for Executive Committee and General Assembly meetings and the head of the Executive Committee. This role is responsible for maintaining communications with other organizations on campus and with the University administration, ensuring that the organization is fulfilling its mission with its actions, and spearheading new initiatives the organization may undertake.

Vice President
Faith Anaya – 3rd Year, Booth House

The Vice-President fills an amorphous role in IHC: the VP makes sure that nothing IHC-related is overlooked, serves as the de facto chair for any advisory committee when needed, manages the Council’s finances, and even chairs the Pajamapalooza Planning Committee (the biggest pajama party on campus, and one of IHC’s largest social events)!

Theresa Fonseca – 2nd Year, Shorey House

The Secretary takes attendance and meeting minutes at each General Meeting. The Secretary manages the IHC website, IHC Facebook account, helps with the IHC listhost and determines voter eligibility for IHC elections based off of attendance.

Social and Philanthropy Co-Chairs
Sarah Portwood – 4th Year, Thangaraj House

Emmanuel Sosa-Cruz – 2nd Year, Halperin House

The Social and Philanthrophy Co-Chairs oversee planning IHC events and traditions like the annual Tug-of-War, Roommate Game, Quiz Bowl, and Family Feud. They also help plan at least one philantrophic effort each quarter to aid such organizations as Be The Match, Relay for Life, The UChicago Emergency Fund, United for Puerto Rico, etc.

Dining Chair
Emma Van Lieshout – 2nd Year, Booth House

The Dining Chair handles feedback pertaining to systemic issues in campus dining. Aside from attending all Executive Committee meetings, the Dining Chair also appoints two members from the general council to sit on the Campus Dining Advisory Board (CDAB).

Transportation and Security Chair
Don Harmon – 2nd Year, Chamberlin House

The Transportation and Security Chair attends all TSAB Meetings and serves as the main point of contact for TSAB issues. They collect feedback from relationing to transportation and security issues and bring that feedback to monthly TSAB meetings.

Housing and Facilities Chair
Paul Severino – 3rd Year, Boyer House

The HouseFac Chair is the head of the housing committee and receives feedback related to housing issues and acts as the liaison between students and Housing & Residence Life. They meet with the housing office three times a quarter to deliver feedback and receive updates.

HARC Chair
William Liu – 4th Year, Stony Island House

The Housing Activities Resource Council merged with IHC in Fall 2016. HARC promotes social interaction between Houses by providing funds for inter-house events. The HARC Chair serves as an ex officio member of the IHC Executive Committee and General Council and may also serve on IHC committees. The HARC Chair sometimes attends IHC Meetings and is a member of the IHC Ex Com. At meetings, they inform the assembly of HARC’s past funding decisions and funds available for use. More information on HARC can be found here.