Halls & Houses

The Houses at the University of Chicago integrate faculty, graduate student/staff Resident Heads, upperclass resident assistants, and a cadre of 36 to 104 students who live together, learn together, laugh together, and care for one another.

UChicago’s 7 residence halls are home to 38 Houses—communities that eat, debate, and play together. Each House consists of a group of about 70 students who share a cluster of residential rooms and common areas within the residence halls and have their own traditions, House Council, and resident staff. Housing & Residence Life is your home base for UChicago life. Housing is guaranteed all four years and students find that some of their best mentors (and friends) are found in the Houses.

The University of Chicago College faculty believes that the Houses play an important role in a student’s academic and social adjustment to the University. Thus, all first-year students are required to live in Housing & Residence Life for their first academic year. Entering transfer students are welcome but not required to live in the Houses.

Residence Halls

Seven unique residence halls offer students a variety of living options. Each Hall has its own culture while maintaining a sense of community. Do you want to be near the classroom buildings and the library, or do you prefer to live in the neighborhood to get an authentic Chicago experience? Would you prefer a single or a double? Do you feel at home tucked away in a neo-Gothic quadrangle or gazing out of a wide, modern window?


Most residence halls are divided (often by floor) into House communities. Each House averages 70 students (Houses range from 40 to 104 students) sharing a cluster of residential rooms and common areas within the residence halls. Each House has its own traditions, House Council, resident staff, and House Lounge—the “family room” where House members can gather at all hours. Each House also has its own House Tables in one of the residential dining commons where House members connect with one another throughout each day.

Weekly House meetings and active House Councils bring students together for cultural activities, fundraising, intramural sports, and trips to downtown or Chicago's myriad neighborhoods.

Your House is your home as soon as you set foot on campus. Resident Heads open their doors to you, sharing their family lives (and pets!) and hosting study breaks and activities, ranging from bad movie nights to 10-minute finals-week dance parties to hiking excursions to the Indiana Dunes.

Residence Hall Map