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The University of Chicago has a first-year residency requirement – with the exception of transfer students, all new students are required to live on campus during their first year. Admitted students will be able to access and complete the housing application after accepting their offer of admission and paying their enrollment deposit.

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Room Assignments

The room assignment process for new students is managed in a very personalized and intentional way. Our end goal is to create housing and roommate matches that support the success of each student.

How are Room Assignments Made?

Housing applications for new students are prioritized by enrollment deposit date.

Assignments are also based on a number of other factors, including:

  • Your hall and room type preferences
  • Your personal/lifestyle preferences
  • Specific roommate requests
  • The availability of space in your preferred residence hall(s)

Each new student’s position in the room assignment is determined by the date their enrollment deposit was recorded by Admissions. The earlier your deposit is made, the more likely you will be assigned to one of your preferred residence halls. We make every effort to assign students to one of their preferred halls, but space limitations may result in cases where we cannot fulfill a student’s hall preferences, and they will be assigned to another hall. All of our Houses are unique and engaging and we have found that most students quickly make connections in whatever residence hall they have been assigned.

Although the majority of our students choose to be randomly matched with other students, new students can request a specific roommate. If you are requesting another new student, each student must mutually request one another on their housing application – non-mutual requests will not be honored. Upperclass students who wish to live with a specific new student must make their request known during the Spring Quarter housing selection process and the new student must list the upperclass student’s name on their housing application.

All residence halls house students of both sexes. Each hall offers single sex accommodations in at least one House. Open housing, also known as gender-neutral housing, is also available for students who would prefer to live with one or more students of the opposite biological sex. More information about Open Housing can be found here. New students may indicate preferences for single sex or Open Housing accommodations within their housing application.

On average, 25-30% of new students are assigned to single occupancy rooms. All students should complete the roommate questions of their housing application even if they are making a single room type preference. When making roommate matches, our office works to assign new students to live with other new students, however in some cases a new student may be assigned to live with one or more upperclass students.


Special Housing Accommodations

Students that require specific housing accommodations must initiate their request through Student Disability Services. We strongly encourage students seeking specific housing accommodations to engage Student Disability Services as soon as possible after accepting their offer of admission. Please do not send ADA requests or medical documentation to Housing & Residence Life.

Examples of requests that should be made through Student Disability Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Air conditioning
  • Mobility issues that require an assignment on a lower floor or in a hall equipped with an elevator
  • Single room
  • Private or semi-private bathroom
  • Access to a kitchen
  • Any other specific request or need

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Student Disability Services



Can I change my housing application responses?

Students may edit their housing application responses up until the housing application closes on June 1. Once the housing application has closed, students will not be permitted to make any further edits. Students who do not complete a housing application will be assigned to any available space.

When will I find out my preferred housing assignment?

New student housing assignment details are posted to the my.UChicago portal on the third Friday in August. The following details will be provided to each student:

  • Residence Hall, House, Room Type & Number
  • Residence Hall Mailing Address
  • Name & UChicago Email Address for Each Roommate

Please refrain from reaching out to our office to inquire about the status of your housing assignment.

Why wasn't I assigned to my residence hall or room type preferences?

Each of our residence halls are distinct and some halls may be more popular to students for a variety of reasons. When the demand for a particular residence hall or room type exceeds availability, there will be students that are unable to be assigned there. In these cases, it may be necessary to assign a student to a hall or room type that was not indicated as a preference.

Why didn't my requested roommate and I get assigned together?

One of the first things we do in the new student assignment process is review and assign students who have made roommate requests. We are proud to share that we are often able to honor 100% of mutually confirmed roommate requests. In cases where the request is not mutually confirmed on each student's housing application, these students will not be assigned together.

Can I change my assignment?

Each of our residence halls is assigned to capacity which prevents us from changing assignments prior to move-in. Our office also reserves the first two weeks of the Autumn quarter for verifying that all assigned students have moved in and confirming any unexpected vacancies. Beginning the third week of the Autumn quarter, we will permit students to change rooms if space permits. More information on the room change process may be found under Current Students > Assignments.

What are the bathroom facilities like?


Most residence halls have communal floor bathrooms where each floor shares a common area bathroom containing individual toilets and shower stalls cleaned by housekeeping staff. There are three bathroom options available in each House: men, women and all-gender. Students may use the bathroom that is consistent with their gender identity. Some, but not all, Houses may also have single-user facilities, which do not have a gender designation.

On-campus apartments and suites in Max Palevsky Residential Commons have semi-private bathrooms that are shared amongst the occupants of that particular room. In these room types, the bathroom does not have a gender designation.