Religious Life

Below you will find helpful information about religious concerns as they relate to living in College Housing. Spiritual Life staff are also a valuable resource on campus.


UChicago Dining offers a variety of options for various diets including Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian, and Vegan. More information, including menu options, can be found on the UChicago Dining website.


  • There is a dedicated Kosher dining venue at Bartlett and Cathey Dining Commons.
  • Both stations are CRC (Chicago Rabbinical Council) supervised – the laws of kashrut are followed.
  • There is no surcharge for visitors to visit the Kosher food stations.
  • The stations are open during the academic school year, not including interim periods and during the Sabbath and holidays.
  • UChicago Dining and College Housing work together with Hillel to provide meals for the Sabbath (Friday dinner and Saturday lunch) and holidays.
  • Students may sign up with Hillel to eat their Sabbath meals there (students on a meal plan have their meals covered by the meal plan).
  • When the Cathey Kosher station is open, they prepare deli sandwiches that are double-wrapped and labeled for sale in the two campus markets: Maroon Market (Bartlett) and Midway Market (Renee Granville-Grossman Residential Commons). Frozen Kosher entrees are always for sale in both markets.

Zabiha Halal

  • There is a dedicated Zabiha Halal dining venue at Bartlett and Cathey Dining Commons.
  • UChicago Dining and College Housing work together with the Muslim Student Association (MSA) to determine the menu of food items that are served.


Housing Assignments

We are required to make room and roommate assignments without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality or ethnic origin, age, disability, or other factors prohibited by law.

Just as we believe that all Houses should include a cross section of students from the University, we also believe that students benefit from living with roommates who are in some ways different from themselves. However, a small percentage of our students seek to live with other students who have similar values and lifestyles in order to have a particular living environment. In our experience some students have found success in reaching out to local and campus religious organizations to connect with other incoming students who share similar beliefs and values. Through these informal channels it is possible for students to connect and at times identify a potential compatible roommate. College Housing will assign two incoming students to live together as long as they mutually request one another and rank order the same three residence halls in the same order. The assignment will be made when applications have been received from both potential roommates and according to the date of payment of the enrollment deposit of the later of the two dates. A request for a roommate is viewed as a higher priority than a request for a particular residence hall.


Electronic Access to Exterior Doors

All exterior residence hall doors are locked by an electronic lock system. Mechanical keys are available to be used during the Sabbath and other holidays with restrictions. If a student needs to request a mechanical key, please contact College Housing at

The Department of Safety and Security disables the electronic recording of the use of a manual override mechanical key from Friday afternoon (3:30PM) until Saturday evening (9:30PM) for all residence hall exterior and interior security doors. During high holidays, this same disabling will occur from 3:30PM on the first night until 9:30PM on the last night. While students who use their UChicago ID card to enter the doors will still be recorded, the student who uses a mechanical key during this timeframe will not have that action recorded electronically. For all intents and purposes, the lock is changed from an electronic to completely mechanical device during these times. When the electronic locks were installed, College Housing consulted with leaders from Chabad House and Hillel to ensure this was an appropriate solution.


Religious Ceremonies in the Residence Halls

Religious organizations on campus seeking the use of residence hall facilities for a religious service or meeting are expected to follow the guidelines set forth here:

  1. The request should be submitted to College Housing at least one week in advance.
  2. The request is to come from students in a residence hall, not from a campus religious group (i.e. Calvert House, Hillel, etc). A student resident must assume full responsibility for the scheduled event: reservation of room, set-up, clean-up, damages, etc.
  3. The meeting, service, or ceremony may be open only to the residents of the hall in which it is held.
  4. The service is to be held in a fairly remote place within the residence hall so that it will not impinge upon the normal activities of residents who do not participate. Thus, a private meeting room like those in Burton-Judson is appropriate; a House lounge is not.

These guidelines are intended to preserve privacy and peace as well as protect the rights of all residents in a hall, believers and non-believers alike.