Welcome to Max Palevsky Residential Commons

Jason & Suzanne Riggle

– Resident Deans –

Jason and Suzanne Riggle have served as Resident Deans of Max Palevsky Residential Commons since the Autumn 2014.

Their approach to student engagement is to combine the resources of the city with the intellectual resources of the campus in order to add to the atmosphere of learning and exploring in the Residence Halls.

Jason received his BA in Linguistics and Psychology, as well as an MA in Linguistics, from University of California, Santa Cruz and earned his Ph.D. in Linguistics from University of California, Los Angeles. He is an associate professor in Linguistics and Director of the Chicago Language Modeling Laboratory at the University of Chicago. Suzanne studied at Kenyon College for three years before receiving her BA in History from the University of Evansville and an MA in Linguistics from the University of Iowa. Additionally, she has done further graduate work at University of California, Santa Cruz. Suzanne is currently the Associate Dean for Finance and Administration for the Divinity School.

About the Hall

Address: 1101 East 56th St. Chicago, IL 60637|Phone: 773-834-9202

The Housing and Residence Life administrative staff that oversee Max Palevsky Residential Commons include:

Assistant Director of Residence Life:  Chris Hardin

Assistant Director of Operations: Meaghan Ward


Community Living

Architect: Ricardo Legorreta
Built: 2001

Max Palevsky East, Central, and West are connected by a common basement and have one central mailroom. Residents dine in Bartlett Dining Commons, which is just south of Max Palevsky East. All houses are co-ed, except Hoover, which has single-sex floors. The Hall houses eight vibrant communities each with their own complement of Resident Heads and Resident Assistants, charged with community building and one Resident Dean couple who act as intellectual stewards for the residents.




“Living in Max Palevsky has its benefits – easy access to the dining hall and Regenstein library, wonderful staff, and proximity to classes located on the main quad – but only residents of Max will be able to tell you about the community and culture that make living here such a privilege. I’ve met some of my closest friends in May House, I’ve had some of my best moments here, and I’ve stayed on for three years. I’m incredibly lucky to call this dorm my home.” Nikita M.


Central Mail Room

Near Regenstein and the Main Quad

Large Building Lounges

Single and Double Suites

Music Practice Rooms

Interior Courtyard

Sample Room Layout

Standard Room Furniture

XL Twin Bed


Wardrobe or Closet

Desk and Chair

Room Interiors