Maroon Dollars

The residential meal plans include Maroon Dollars, which are accepted in all UChicago Dining locations, and the Barnes and Noble Cafe in the University Bookstore. Maroon Dollars work like a debit card; each time a purchase is made, the money is subtracted from your account. One Maroon Dollar has the buying power of $1. Maroon Dollar balances remaining at the end of each quarter roll over to the next quarter; however, all Maroon Dollars expire at the end of the academic year, and any remaining balance is not refundable.

Students may wish to purchase additional Maroon Dollars beyond that which is offered with the meal plan. Additional Maroon Dollars can be purchased in amounts of $25 or more directly from the UChicago Dining office. If a student’s status changes to being on a leave of absence or withdrawal from the University, the student will not be able to access their Maroon Dollars (meal plan or purchased), and any balance at that time is also not refundable.

Maroon Dollars are available for use beginning on the Friday prior to the first day of classes in the Autumn Quarter. The Orientation Week meal plan for incoming students does not include Maroon Dollars.